“The West’s Public Enemy Number One”

–  “The West’s Public Enemy Number One” (ZeroHedge, July 23, 2014):

Newsweek’s “triumphal” return to print with its expose on the wrong Satoshi Nakamoto (of “Bitcoin founder” fame) was less than, well, triumphal. So what is the eyeball starved media outlet seeking a second life to do? A screaming “grab me” epiphany of jingoist groupthink, in which we read that last week’s events in Russia was “Putin’s Lockerbie moment”, should certainly help (and indeed it’s very kind of Newsweek to have conducted all the forensic analysis and tests which confirm its magazine-selling allegations).

putin pariah

Which is ironic, considering just three months ago we got…

putin buttons

Perhaps the West needs bigger buttons then?


2 thoughts on ““The West’s Public Enemy Number One””

  1. I don’ t understand this statement. It makes no sense to me at all. If it is supposed to be Putin, they are wrong. The head of Israel is closer to the truth, but nobody will print that…………


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