White House ‘Quietly’ Exempts 4.5 Million People In 5 ‘Territories’ From Obamacare


White House ‘Quietly’ Exempts 4.5 Million People In 5 “Territories” From Obamacare (ZeroHedge, July 20, 2014):

As WSJ reports, last week’s geopolitical chaos and distraction was ideal for a news dump, and the White House didn’t disappoint: On no legal basis, all 4.5 million residents of the five U.S. territories were quietly released from ObamaCare. It seems the costs of healthcare soared in these five territories due to uneconomic mandates – which woul dhave been a disaster PR-wise for the administration and so, under cover of catastrophe, WSJ reports all of a sudden last week HHS discovered new powers after “a careful review of this situation and the relevant statutory language,” that enabled them to ‘selectively exempt’ American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, Northern Mariana Islands, and Virgin Islands from Obamacare. And all while vacationing…

As WSJ reports,

The original House and Senate bills that became the Affordable Care Act included funding for insurance exchanges in these territories, as President Obama promised when as a Senator he campaigned in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and other 2008 Democratic primaries. But the $14.5 billion in subsidies for the territories were dumped in 2010 as ballast when Democrats needed to claim the law reduced the deficit.

As a consolation, Democrats opened several public-health programs to the territories and bestowed most of ObamaCare’s insurance regulations, which liberals euphemize as “consumer protections,” such as requiring insurers to accept all comers and charge the same premiums regardless of patient health.

However, costs soared as no insurer would touch them…

These uneconomic mandates promptly caused insurance rates to soar and many insurers to flee the territorial markets. You can’t buy any policy at any price in the Mariana Islands. So the territories have spent the last two years beseeching HHS for a regulatory exemption.

So time to change the rules… from this…

As recently as last year, HHS instructed the territories that they “have enjoyed the benefits of the applicable consumer protections” and HHS “has no legal authority to exclude the territories” from ObamaCare.

To this…

Laws are made by Congress, but all of a sudden last week HHS discovered new powers after “a careful review of this situation and the relevant statutory language.”

And thus 4.5 million people in the following 5 territories are now free of the tyrannical demands of Obamacare…

American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, Northern Mariana Islands, and Virgin Islands.

*  *  *

Which leaves only one question… where does everybody else apply for their ‘uneconomic’ exemption?


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  1. I have tried, and found only one good thing about it……at least people like me with pre=existing conditions to get insurance coverage……….
    Thank God, my disability got so bad, I got Medicare, it still works. I don’t let them experiment with me, none of that genetic engineering for me, so they lost interest. I have a decent man who helps me control pain and who doesn’t lie to me……it is getting ugly, and I will be dead soon.
    If only people didn’t have to hunt and interview as I did to find such a wise man. I must have screened and interviewed a dozen doctors before I found one that was acceptable to me.
    I grew up with doctors, have many in my own family, and have no delusions about them…..they are only human, and too many believe they are right. Thanks to the new laws, many disclosure rights we managed to get for the consumer in the 1960s and 1970s have vanished…..they cannot tell you the truth.
    What you have to do is research your own illness. If you get a scan, request a copy of the pictures and the written report in writing at the day of the scan. If you do that, and sign some papers, they have to send you copies of both. Once you get the scan, get out the dictionary if necessary, but read it carefully, and research it on the web. Go to the sites of the top research hospitals, you will find what you need there. The Mayo Clinic is excellent.
    Then, make an appointment with the most open and realistic doctor you have, and tell him what is wrong. He can agree, he just cannot tell you any longer……too many fears of lawsuits and other rubbish.
    The good man who I chose, sat and wept when I told him my findings, but he had to agree. I have a good education, that helps, I can read English back to about 1700, it was a hobby of mine to read old law books and such as a child to build my vocabulary. I went on to collect rare books, and the old ones require concentration and time.
    My time is about up, but I was lucky. I lived in the end of the Golden Era of American History. I remember when Sputnik went up, the Russians beat us into space. President Eisenhower poured millions into education, and we grew up with new schools, up to the minute text books,….everything worked. We had the best roads, best cars……and for the next 30 years, nobody beat us at anything.
    Then, in 1980, we put Reagan into the White House. His handlers started the destruction then…….and in the last 30 years, we have been destroyed. Our cars are ugly, they all look alike. The best ones are made overseas, everything is made overseas. Jobs are gone, hope is gone, and the horrors of a 3rd world dictatorship have become reality. All our rights, including habeas corpus, a right of man since 1215, are gone. Most Americans are too programmed by the lies on American propaganda to even know……they have become idiots.
    Education is out of the reach of all but the very rich, everything good is out of reach……..we have been destroyed by the Vandals Within, as Lincoln called them.
    More suicides happen every day because people cannot afford to live……they cannot survive, and will not join the ranks of the homeless and the insane.
    I don’t know how much longer it will go before people realize what a sham it all is, and how this bastard in the White House has removed every single right of the American people………..smiling all the way.
    My ancestors helped build this country. Some served in the American Revolution. I wish they had stayed in England……..England has survived many hardships, but they always persevere. God bless them.
    Nothing much more to say. America is finished. The Great Experiment of the 18th century, the idea man could rule himself, has failed.
    Thus, you see the rise of Putin. People are incapable of ruling themselves, and he is the perfect example of why and how history is made by men, not gaggles of idiots, or groups of bureaucrats.
    Thank you for all you do to bring the truth to people.


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