The Coming Crash Is Simply The Normalization Of A Mispriced Market

The Coming Crash Is Simply the Normalization of a Mispriced Market (OfTwoMinds, July 17, 2014):

The correlation between the Fed’s monetary heroin production and the stock market will break down as the market normalizes.

In the spirit of calling things what they are, longtime correspondent Harun I. explains that market crashes are simply distorted/mispriced economies attempting to normalize. 

Here’s Harun’s commentary:

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  1. What none of these commentators are getting is the falling power of the dollar in the international, globalized toilet they have created. Less than half the world (including, but not limited to, China, Russia, India, Brazil, Japan, Many emerging nations in Africa, much of South and Central America) even uses the dollar. They could care less what the FED is doing, we are quickly losing the entire world market. Were it not for the EU, (even they won’t support Obama in his mad quests for war with anyone….or stupid sanctions on nations that don’t even use the dollar) the dollar would have no standing left.
    Thanks to electronic currencies, the need for a world reserve currency, is now obsolete. All nations can now trade using their own currencies, electronic currencies translates the value of each currency at the time of transaction. The idea of any nation being the world reserve currency is a 20th century policy, no longer needed in the world electronic world.
    The dollar is quickly losing relevance. The only ones unaware of this are fool Americans who listen to US propaganda that currently rages hate toward Putin. But, they won’t say the real reason.
    Real reason is what he did this week with India, China, Brazil and South Africa. Russia and the other nations I have mentioned here put together the equivalent of $100 billion to help smaller nations break away from the dollar.
    If the EU dumps the dollar, (Japan already has) the dollar will collapse. That will equalize prices like nothing people have ever seen…… will be dreadful. The FED members ought to be put in prison with the war criminals…..but, it will not happen. The nation will fall apart before they realize who is to blame.
    Even then, if they listen to the lies on US media, they still might never figure it out.
    The US is quickly losing relevance as a world power. That is the truth they don’t want the sheep to hear.

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