The Polar Vortex Is Back … In The Middle Of July – N. Dakota: Hailstones As Big As Softballs – International Climate Skeptics Gather In Las Vegas

The Polar Vortex Is Back… In The Middle Of July (ZeroHedge, July 10, 2014):

But just to make sure that the abysmal Q1 GDP which has now spilled over into Q2 and will likely see the US economy growing in the mid-2% range, has a sufficiently broad “excuse” in the third quarter of the year, here comes – in the middle of July the polar vortex 2.0.  As WaPo reports, “However you choose to refer to the looming weather pattern, unseasonably chilly air is headed for parts of the northern and northeastern U.S at the height of summer early next week.”

Hailstones as big as softballs (Ice Age Now, July 7, 2014):

“This is Mini-Ice-Age/Wild Jet Stream Age stuff,” says astrophysicist Piers Corbyn.

“The news about damage caused by very large hail keeps popping up on the Internet,” says reader Argiris Diamantis. “People are hiding in their basements because of the giant hail stones.”

Hailstones as big as softballs
Three people sustained head injuries on Saturday afternoon near a lake west of Bismarck, North Dakota after a severe storm dropped hailstones as large as softballs.

Hailstones of this size can be fatal. Luckily, it’s been 14 years since the last known fatality directly caused by hail in the United States.

A hailstone slightly larger than a baseball can fall at a rate of more than 100 MPH according to NOAA, so it’s a surprising fact that more people aren’t injured or killed by hailstorms more often.

Baseball-sized hail pummels couple’s home in Imperial, Sask.
Norman and Becky Lucas’ roof was punctured by baseball-sized hail during Saturday’s storm

“What started as pea-sized drops pecking at the ceiling soon grew into baseballs crashing through the roof and denting the yard like giant ice meteors.

Dozens of holes pepper the couple’s roof and siding. Norman says some of the holes are the size of his head. They still have some of the perpetrators stored in their freezer.

Beyond the house, their truck’s sunroof and barn’s skylight are smashed, the bar-b-que is a dented piece of metal, and leaves and tree branches lay scattered about the property. Their once fairly flat property is now speckled with four inch dents.

Crooked Lake pounded by golf ball-sized hail 
“It started out with winds and rain and then it really picked up.”… “We got hail – bigger than golf balls….”  The storm left behind a large amount of damage.

Hail in Switzerland.
Several short videos:

Hail in Spain, July second: -espagne-almazan-03-juillet-2014.html

France – July 6th, grape industry has great losses
In some areas, hail damaged 80 to 100 percent of the grape crops vois,1904861.php

France – Hail damages roofs, fells trees

Switzerland – A a man complains his tomatoes are all gone localite-de-lavaux-vd.html

Videos from the yesterday hail in Le Parisien:

Damage to the grape wine plants: es-de-grele,1021126.php

Switzerland – A lot of damage to the grape industry

Thanks to Argiris Diamantis for these links

What a stupid place to meet:

International Climate Skeptics Gather in Las Vegas (Ice Age Now, July 6, 2014):

The Earth is at the end of its 11,500 year old interglacial cycle

Indeed, the Earth has been in a cooling cycle for seventeen years, something the climate change advocates are calling “a pause” in their global warming claims. Unknown to most Americans is that the Earth is at the end of its 11,500 year old interglacial cycle, suggesting that we are all in for a new ice age.



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