Did China Just Crush The US Housing Market?

china butterfly

A money-laundering butterfly flaps its wings in China… and the US housing market crashes?

Did China Just Crush The US Housing Market? (Zerohedge, July 10, 2014)


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  1. If Chinese greedy guts have stopped buying high end homes in the US, they have ended the current US housing bubble because folks living here (unless they pay cash and get a really good deal because) cannot afford to buy.

    Interest rates have been sneaking upward all year. Jumbo loans, those over $650K, are hovering around 6%…..a year ago, they were at 2%. Rates for other houses average around 5%. These rates are for those with perfect credit. If going to buy a house, you will find you will get a loan with a rate much higher than displayed on CNBC website if you have any mistake anywhere in your past.

    For every interest point that goes up, so does your payment by 13%…….13% per percentage point. Imagine you have a house at 2% and it jumps to 3%, then 4%, now 5%, or 6%…..jumbos kissed 6% about a month ago before going back down into the 5% area. They are now close to 6% & our financial shills are telling any who will listen how good higher interest rates are for the economy.

    Our economy is in big trouble because we have crooks in power. They have no interest or regard for our long term survival. They have no interest or regard for our future.

    That is what makes it so different from the era of the Great Depression. Not only did we have gold behind our currency, we had men in power who wanted the best for this nation. No longer.

    Everything is traded, restaurants, food, bread, coffee, semiconductors, clothing, retail outlets, clothing stores, drug stores, Wal-Mart, the list is endless. It is all about how it looks to the stock holder, not what they produce.

    Stores like Nordstrom which used to have a large array of choices of clothing and shoes……now have a small percentage of their former inventories…….they are no longer there to reach the most buyers, just satisfy investors. Their sales are a joke, the inventory is junk. Even the quality of their clothing has fallen.

    It won’t take much to crush the US housing market, it was destroyed in 2007-08. There are far more empty houses than anything else.

    Amazon is testing drones to deliver packages. This is a world I don’t want to know or live in. They would rather spend on drones than pay delivery people. Who will have the money to buy their stuff? We live in a mad society. What is wrong with these people, and what is wrong with a government that would allow it? I don’t have time to list all the dangers to the public and the government for such things flying around………….we have lost our way.

    I just saw that Japan is warning against too quick a QE exit ……….WTF????? Is nothing real any longer? The US is living on paper money that is printed non-stop, regardless there is nothing behind any of it.

    What is going to happen when the truth hits home? More than half the world no longer accepts the dollar………..the end is drawing near. As it stands:
    Japan (they play two ends against the middle)
    Much of South America
    Central America
    Many emerging African Nations
    New Zealand
    Many middle eastern nations (like Japan playing both ends against the middle)
    And, other nations I cannot recall
    HAVE all dumped the dollar.
    If the Eurozone dumps the dollar, it will collapse.

    So far, the US has outraged Germany and France, two of the key nations of the Eurozone.

    Russia adds E120 billion a YEAR to the European economy. Does anyone out there think they will refuse to do business with Russia on a whim of the US? Raise your hand.


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