Obama To Congress: I Don’t Need New Permission On Iraq (CNN)

Obama to Congress: I don’t need new permission on Iraq (CNN, June 19, 2014):

Washington (CNN) — I’ll let you know what’s going on, but I don’t need new congressional authority to act, President Barack Obama told congressional leaders Wednesday about his upcoming decision on possible military intervention in Iraq.

The White House meeting sounded more like a listening session for the top Republicans and Democrats in the House and Senate about options for helping Iraq’s embattled Shiite government halt the lightning advance of Sunni Islamist fighters toward Baghdad that Obama is considering.

2 thoughts on “Obama To Congress: I Don’t Need New Permission On Iraq (CNN)”

  1. Thank congress and GW Bush for that……the congress handed over their constitutional responsibilities to him after 911…….making eventual dissolving of their entire bodies much easier……..they are really of little use these days.
    King Charles I had dissolved their parliament for over 12 years, but was forced to re-instate them to get funding for more wars. Instead, he was ended……….the US doesn’t even have that much protection. The president can attack anyone he pleases without approval of the congress.
    The balance of power is way out of wacke…..all the real strength goes to the executive and judicial branches, the power is drained from the legislative.


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