We’re Already In A Mini-Ice Age, Says Astrophysicist

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We’re already in a Mini-Ice age, says astrophysicist (Ice Age Now, May 25, 2014):

“Man-made CO2 ‘Global Warming’/Climate Change is a politically motivated lie and they know it.” – Piers Corbyn

The Wild Jet Stream (Mini-Ice-Age) era we are now in has nothing whatsoever to do with CO2, says astrophysicist and forecaster Piers Corbyn.

The hot weather which extended a long way North – and its rapid breakdown and the preceding Balkan floods – are PREDICTABLE extreme consequences of the wild jet stream, says Corbyn.

A politically motivated lie

“The media hype from BBC-MetO, Al-Jazeera and New York Times that all these extremes (including the super-cold winter for most of USA!) are somehow a result of man-made CO2 ‘Global Warming’/Climate Change is a politically motivated lie and they know it.

The extreme meanders and rapid switching of the Jet stream is a known and predicted consequence of the Mini-Ice-Age (called such because on average it is cold) type circulation the world has entered.

Climate charlatans

UN-IPCC researchers and BBC-Met Office Charlatans admit the wild jet stream does NOT follow from CO2 models. However it  DOES follow directly from our Solar Activity driven approach.


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