TV: ‘Like A Horror Show’ At Los Angeles-Area Beach – Marine Animals Suddenly Getting Sick And Dying

TV: “Like a horror show” at Los Angeles-area beach — Unusual number of marine animals suddenly getting sick and dying — “I wonder if something’s in the water” killing them — They “hobble and fall over, it’s heartbreaking” (VIDEO) (ENENews, May 24, 2014):

KTTV Los Angeles, May 22, 2014: Marina Del Rey’s Horror Show — “It’s like a horror show, really!” That’s what Kerma Boyum-Sarmiento said after watching a pelican die […] to Shay Yuval, the “horror show” is watching a number of pelicans and other critters die or show signs of serious sickness in the last couple of weeks in the rocks by Via Marina and Pacific. To the […] women what’s happening is very suspicious. […] Is there a connection between the anchovy-die-off and pelicans and other sealife suddenly getting sick?

  • KTTV: A lot of concern about the wildlife in Marina Del Rey tonight. Days after tons and tons of fish died there, other creatures are now dying too […] more on the mystery.
  • Hal Eisner, KTTV reporter: The big question is […] are these deaths connected or are they coincidental? If you ask the people who live around here, whatever it is they’re very suspicious. […] Neighbors say an unusual number of marine animals have started dying. This pelican took its last breath while we were standing here.
  • Yuval: You see them helpless and want to help. They’re fighting to walk and hobble and fall over, it’s heartbreaking.
  • Eisner: Heartbreaking to Shay Yuval, who lives right by the water, and Kerma Boyum-Sarmiento who does too. And both think the anchovy die off has something to do with these other animals dying.
  • Boyum-Sarmiento: I wonder if there’s something in the water killing these animals.
  • Eisner: We wondered too. […] Whatever is happening is unsettling.
  • Boyum-Sarmiento: It’s like a horror show, really.

Fox 13 LA, May 19, 2014: Carol Baker with LA County’s Department of Beaches and Harbors tells us that testing will have to be done on the fish to find out why they died. It could be an algae bloom or the lack of oxygen or something altogether different. Right now no one knows for sure, she says. “Whether it’s an environment anomaly or if this is something we created, I don’t know”, said Marnella Stout who lives in the area. “But I think we’re going to get a lot more of this.”

Watch the KTTV broadcast here

2 thoughts on “TV: ‘Like A Horror Show’ At Los Angeles-Area Beach – Marine Animals Suddenly Getting Sick And Dying”

  1. I agree with dad. Fukushima has broken our food chain, is killing our Pacific Ocean, and the monster show is just starting……
    We have seen apparently pre-historic creatures from the deep appear on our shores, beach and die. Some have teeth, and put the Hollywood horror developers to shame.
    Our magnificent Pacific Ocean brought us billions every year from tourists, but now, that market will vanish, too.

    There are no services in place to clean up these radioactive creatures, nor any of the equally poisoned trash from the 2011 Tsunami that started this disaster. Instead, it just gathers there. People stupid enough to pick it up, throw it into our waste disposals, and poison our recycle systems, adding more poison into our living conditions. Even worse, if they find something they think might have value, they will endeavor to sell or keep it………God help up.

    People are being told nothing about the trash building up at our coastline, nor about the dead sea life on our shores. The vulture creatures that our once great biological system had to eat dead animals and dispose of them that way won’t touch the radioactive ones. Evidently, they can smell the difference, and can tell these creatures are not safe to eat. As a result, dead radioactive animals build up on our beaches, and nobody with sense is willing to spend thousands of dollars to come and visit an ocean dump.

    This is going to kill the CA tourist market. Fresh fish are no longer safe to eat at all, if you can find any. The abundant, fresh supplies I remember so clearly at Fisherman’s Wharf as a youth are a thing of the past.

    Almost a year ago, hundreds of dead sea turtles washed ashore in Costa Rica. Dogs, not programmed to know any better, ran to the beach and ate them. The dogs died immediately, telegraphing the poison level is much higher than our corrupt media will admit.

    Throughout our history, before the days of Ancient Rome, the sea has been a great provider of food, jobs, healing ointments, and the like. For the first time, that is gone, and I don’t see how we will survive such a dramatic change, and loss of jobs, food and products.

    The radioactive poisons are in our air, water, sea, fish, crops, soil………….all of us face our own demise.

    One need only research the costumes and behavior of people during the time of the Black Death to get an idea of how people will behave once they realize death is upon them. Perhaps this is one weak reason they fill the airwaves with obfuscation, tabloid and outright lies.

    I am old, I have had a wonderful life, and now have a rare disease that will soon remove me from the living. But, what about the young? Or those millions being lied to through endless tabloid, corporate data and propaganda?

    Why there are no good people left to call the Japanese leaders of TEPCO and their government in front of the world court to be tried for genocide is beyond me. This is genocide on a mass scale, something never seen before……it is so large.

    As always, I have more questions than answers.


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