Residents Shocked By National Guard Militants’ Rampage In Lugansk Region


Residents shocked by National Guard militants’ rampage in Lugansk region (Voice of Russia, May 16, 2014):

Militants of Ukraine’s National Guard have arrested federalization activists in the towns of Starobelsk and Markovka in the eastern Lugansk region. Eye-witnesses say the militants rob civilians and maltreat elderly people.

“In Starobelsk, National Guard militants behave in Makhno style, bursting into homes, seizing money and cars and doing nasty things to veterans of the Great Patriotic War, while keeping them at gunpoint,” an Interfax correspondent reports, quoting Alexei Pronichev, a resident of Starobelsk.

A resident of Markovka told Interfax that National Guard militants had arrested several dozen local activists of the recent pro-federalization referendum. Three persons went missing, the resident said.


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  1. The backdoor draft has turned them into animals. It was started under Bush, and Obama in his infinite folly has continued the process. They got close to the end of their service, and a technical process was used to keep them for another round of warfare in the middle east. It is a total hellhole, and I am sure they are forced into animal behavior before it is over.
    They used to have one year overseas, then came home for at least a year, but no more. Occasionally, you will hear of people with 3-4 rounds of service. Ask anyone who has served…….without healing at home, they are destroyed.
    Look at how the US does not take care of their veterans. Millions are homeless, others without proper medical care…….there is no honor or glory to fighting for such a corrupt entity as the US is today. We have been destroyed by the Vandals Within, as Lincoln put it.
    We are finished. Our credibility is shot. We don’t care for our own people, we attack nations who have done nothing to warrant it……the list is endless, and we are now as hated and feared as was Germany in 1940. Our word means nothing, like the Germans, our words are usually couched in terms in opposition to what we really do.
    We spent over 250 years building our credibility, it took only 14 to destroy it.
    We are finished, we have nothing left of value. The world despises us for good reason………I see nothing of value remaining…..nothing.
    I am not surprised at this story, nothing the US does surprises me any longer. They are even waging war on their own people, the government has lost its sanity.


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