3 thoughts on “Obama Urges ‘Wrongheaded’ Americans To Trust Government More”

  1. To Mr. Obama:

    Oh, really? We are wrongheaded because you lie to us and we respond accordingly. You pressed the worst elements of NDAA, allowing the military to sweep up anyone at home or abroad, forcing it into law? Both Congress and the courts threw it out, you found a friendly judge. Our founders didn’t want military rule, as a constitutional scholar: you ought to know this, yet you did it anyway.
    We should trust you? We worked long hours and put in millions to get you elected, and you screwed every one of us.
    You ought to look in the mirror. You are the one who is wrongheaded. You spoke one thing, and did the opposite, again and again. You lied endlessly.
    Yet, we should trust you? You have violated every promise you ever made to every group that supported you.
    Trust you……that is the line of every used car salesman in America.

  2. My kids have been brainwashed to be Politically Correct in many areas.Their kids will be even more so.
    To not comply with or accept the given directive is a sign of a free thinker.
    I will always be a free thinker….thankyou. LOOSE CHANGE 2.

    The incrementalisation of influence is and has been the mainstay of our obedience since the establishment deemed it so over one hundred years ago.
    A new directive is proposed, ridiculed, left to sink in, partially accepted and then, within 5 years, becomes the norm and we are expected to live by it.

    Grandkids view me as an eccentric & crank. Find my attitude & anecdotes quirky and funny, yet I must try to push for character & individuality, thus rejecting compliance to the new politically correct regime, unless it is manners.

    If we give up, they will be lost.

  3. To Squodgy: Yes, I am certainly considered eccentric and outspoken in my thoughts and beliefs.
    I fear for our children, political correctness was used by the Nazis to control the fools, too, it isn’t exclusive to any one government. I can only hope grandchildren will appreciate more……..time will tell.
    What I see coming is so mind boggling, so dramatic, that a lot of what we see our children worrying about will be lost in the wash. None of us have ever faced a dead sea before, but here in CA, our bay is already filling up with giant sea mammals, starving to death because there is no food in this vast place called the Pacific Ocean.
    Fool media tells people to “enjoy the show” of the humpback whales and dolphins……..they are never seen so close in.
    The reason they are close in, is because this is the last section of the entire Pacific Ocean (5200 miles from Fukushima to San Francisco) that has oxygen. They are starving because the rest of the ocean is dead.
    This site was good enough to print something on another site on this subject. A person who took the trip from Fukushima to San Francisco on a regular basis, was horrified to see no sea life for the first 3000 miles of the journey. In the first 3000 miles, he saw one dolphin with a huge boil on his head.
    It was given zero coverage by corporate media. As one who has been fortunate enough to sail the seas, I know how lovely it is to watch the sea animals play together………and no activity for 3000 miles would be pretty devastating.
    I fear our children will be worried about things we never thought about…..safe food and water……I just don’t know. If these fools don’t shut down the nuclear sites, there will be more accidents like this. I don’t agree with those who believe this can be stopped…….they don’t know how.
    All I know is that nobody wants to hear about this……depressing, but true.


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