Fukushima: Radiation Levels In Home At 7,500% Gov’t Limit – Gathering Mushrooms: ‘This Will Taste Great Deep Fried’ … ‘Shocking’ 62,700 Bq/Kg Of Cesium In Mushrooms … ‘They Just Stared At The Numbers’ – ‘When Decontamination Finished It Will Be Safe For People To Return’

Japan TV: ‘Endless fight’ against radiation — Levels in home at 7,500% gov’t limit — ‘Shocking’ 62,700 Bq/kg of cesium in mushrooms… “They just stared at the numbers” — Retired Official: “This will taste great fried…When decontamination finished it will be safe for people to return” (VIDEO) (ENENews, May 6, 2014):

NHK Documentary, Apr. 19, 2014: Senior Brigade: Protecting an Uninhabited Town […] the ‘Senior Brigade’, which consists of workers recently retired from top posts in local government, prepare for the day when the people [of Okuma, Fukushima] can return

  • At 23:30 in: The man’s 2 year old grandchild was born after the family left town. He didn’t want the child to grow up surrounded by radiation. His family had lived in Okuma for generations, but he told Suzuki he would not return. He wanted his daughter and grandchild to live free of fear. Radiation levels inside his house were 75 times higher than the government’s safety standard. — Homeowner: “Even if it is declared safe, I don’t think you can expect people to come back. What good would come from putting our lives in danger? I believe many others feel the same way.” — Senior Brigade: “But radiation levels will go down after decontamination.” The member of senior brigade believe the town’s residents would return one day, but they couldn’t bring themselves to try and change this man’s mind.
  • At 34:30 in: The team went to gather mushrooms […] — Senior Brigade: “This will taste great deep fried.” If the radiation counts were low they hoped to report the good news to the town’s people. — Senior Brigade: “It’s 62,700 Bq/kg. That’s 627 times the safety standard — 62,000, that’s a shocking number.” They’re waging an endless fight against an invisible enemy. [They] just stared at the numbers for a while. It was the third winter since the nuclear accident. […] Decontamination was moving ahead as scheduled […] workers were wiping off radioactive material by hand. — Senior Brigade: “They’re doing a good job.” Cleaning up the houses was a key part of the plan to lure residents back. […] — Senior Brigade: “I’m looking forward to radiation levels going down after the cleanup, when the decontamination is finished it will be safe for people to return. We can start rebuilding our lives.”

Watch the broadcast here

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