Bald Eagle in mid-air flight over Homer Spit Kenai Peninsula Alaska Winter

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  1. Remember when I sent you an article explaining the large number of humpback whales, dolphins, sea lions and the like in the San Francisco bay? They pointed out very reasonably that they are there because the oxygen is disappearing in much of the Pacific Ocean, and they are in the bay to get air……..not to mention food. There is no life in over two thirds of the Pacific now, and the fool US media reports that tell folks to “enjoy” the show ought to be thrown off the air for asinine speech.
    This is one more very definite sign the Pacific is dying, and will soon be dead. Birds are eating some of them, but when the big ones start beaching, if the vulture animals and birds that normally eat dead bodies follow the behavior of other vultures towards the ones dead from radiation, they won’t touch them.
    There are no services in place to deal with the garbage from Japan, or the dead bodies of the big sea animals when they run out of oxygen. The fact they are already here in Petaluma, and in San Francisco and Marin tell me the ocean may well be dead before my estimate of the end of 2015.
    80% of our oxygen comes from the living oceans.
    Yet, they bury this story, just as they bury Obama’s insane attempts to start a world war with Putin.
    Here it is.

  2. Another happy story, looks like MERS has entered the US. They won’t say where or when, but it is here. It was reported in Canada two weeks ago. Reuter’s is indeed a US news that isn’t website, but it sometimes publishes real news……..
    Just FYI. By itself, it really isn’t much of a story yet……..biological warfare is back once again, people have tried it for years. One idiot in the 19th century tried sending Yellow Fever to his enemies in blankets, ignorant of the fact it cannot be transmitted that way. We are truly a vicious species…..


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