Presenting Russian East Ukraine: These Are The Cities Controlled By “Separatists”

Presenting Russian East Ukraine: These Are The Cities Controlled By “Separatists” (ZeroHedge, April 30, 2014):

Vladimir Putin ‘confirmed’ yesterday that there were no Russian forces ‘boots on the ground’ in Ukraine and so it seems the daily growing list of cities that are falling to pro-Russian separatist forces throughout Eastern Ukraine – as the following chart shows – suggests an ever more divided nation is verging on civil war, despite the best efforts of the West to sanction their way to a fix. As Turchinov warned this morning, there is “real danger of the Russian Federation beginning a land war against Ukraine… our armed forces are on full military readiness.”

East Ukraine - These Are The Cities Controlled By Separatists

Source: AFP

As Reuters reports,

Ukraine’s armed forces are on full military alert in case of a Russian invasion, the country’s acting president said on Wednesday, reiterating concern over Russian troops massed on the border.

“I once again return to the real danger of the Russian Federation beginning a land war against Ukraine,” Oleksander Turchinov told a meeting of regional governors in Kiev, Interfax-Ukraine reported.

“Our armed forces have been put on full military readiness,” he said.

Russia says it has no plan to invade eastern Ukraine following its annexation of the Crimean peninsula in March, but Turchinov’s remark made clear the pro-Western government in Kiev saw no reason to reduce the readiness of its armed forces.

Kiev, however, accuses Moscow of orchestrating an armed uprising in the industrial east by Russian-speaking separatists who have seized government buildings in a strong of towns and cities, largely unopposed by police.

Given NATO’s moves we charted here, and the map above, we could not help but find the following statement somewhat ironic…


Nothing to see here.

And in the latest news… another city just fell…


3 thoughts on “Presenting Russian East Ukraine: These Are The Cities Controlled By “Separatists””

  1. “Acting president” what a friggin’ joke…..US puppet is more like it. The people don’t want a US presence, and the US is determined to find a way to stay there, and knock Putin out if they can. What nonsense.
    The US needs to bring the CIA out of the Ukraine, and stop trying to cook up a war with Russia. Russia will win because most of the people there are Russian, and see themselves as such.
    Obama’s undermining of their nation is disgusting, and it is making the world hate the US even more than they did over the weekend. Stupid and childish…………
    Absurd. We need out of the Ukraine, and need to go home.

  2. If you have reviewed the article I sent you about Germany and Putin working together on this US caused mess in the Ukraine, you will find this article VERY interesting.
    Remember, Japan joined Russia and China in dumping the dollar…….they got Obama to give them a “pass” for doing it……..whatever that is supposed to be. But, Japan is no friend of the US, or of the world.
    I would like to see Japan facing charges in the world court for global genocide……perhaps it will happen one day.
    Here is the article I found on a Korean news website.

  3. In light of the German/Russian alliance, you will find this article to be of great interest. Seems the US is nervous about this unholy alliance, too. Is there no low too low for the US? I am ashamed of my country, and its leaders. Found this on Glen Greenwold’s site, the man who exposed NSA Spying once again when working for the UK Guardian. They finally paid him to go away, so he has his own website that is worth visiting…….


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