Donetsk Riots Break Out In ‘Scenes Of Absolute Brutality’ (Videos)

where can you buy modafinil ukDonetsk Riots Break Out In “Scenes Of Absolute Brutality”  this article femme musulmane celibataire (ZeroHedge, April 28, 2014):

It seems the US and EU sanctions escalation has done nothing to calm the tensions between Ukrainians and pro-Russian forces in Donetsk, where according to report ultranationalists from Kiev are involved in a skirmish with local riot police. As the following clip suggests… visit here “rocks and missiles are being thrown from both sides – there are injuries and scenes of absolute brutality as both sides clash.”




Donetsk riot

Minutes before the violence erupted…

and then as violence erupted…

It got serious..

1 thought on “Donetsk Riots Break Out In ‘Scenes Of Absolute Brutality’ (Videos)”

  1. Thank the CIA for any violence. Most of the Ukraine people see themselves as Russian and do not appreciate the US puppet government set up there. Putin is aware of all of this, too, as he used to head up the KGB.
    The US needs to get out and go home. Nobody is supporting them in this, even the Germans told them to butt out.


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