4 crippled Fukushima Reactors Dogged With 3.4 Quadrillion Becquerels Of Tritium

4 crippled Fukushima reactors dogged with 3.4 quadrillion becquerels of tritium (Mainichi, April 25, 2014):

The combined level of radioactive tritium at four reactors at the Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant is estimated at about 3.4 quadrillion becquerels, Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) said on April 24.

The figure is more than 900 times the annual limit of 3.7 trillion becquerels per reactor set by the central government.

TEPCO reported the estimate at a meeting of the government’s task force on tritium. Of the 3.4 quadrillion becquerels at the No. 1 to 4 reactors, about 2.5 quadrillion becquerels were detected in melted nuclear fuel, 834 trillion becquerels in contaminated water stored on the premises, about 50 trillion becquerels in stagnant water in reactor and turbine buildings, and about 46 trillion becquerels in water in trenches — or underground tunnels from the basements of structures to seawalls.

The level of tritium detected in contaminated water has risen by about 17 trillion becquerels since TEPCO’s last estimate in a report in January, raising fears that tritium may have begun to dissolve in water used to cool melted nuclear fuel.

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  1. Terrifying. We are facing our own extinction, and denial and obfuscation is killing us, literally.
    Man is joining the 98% of all species on this planet who no longer exist, and he is too stupid to face or recognize it.


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