4 thoughts on “The New SAT Questions (Cartoon)”

  1. No. That is the biggest killer of all. The banks sell these loans to investors on Wall Street now……..and those folks will never see that money. It no longer exists because it never did.

  2. Very funny, and thought provoking.
    Taking it from there as a base point, only the elite and perhaps the top 5%/wealthiest on the planet will be able to afford further education for their kids.

    The combined under 25 population of the world (Europe, China India & North America) is roughly 1.5 Billion, of which say only a third are college/university age= 500,000.

    5% thereof = 25,000 will be able to afford college worldwide excluding the mysterious ‘other countries, including Russia & Australasia.

    That’s 25,000 to be spread over all our world, which is very thin.

    So logically, sponsorships by mega global and mega local corporations is the only option for the 1,499,975,000 in the industrialised world of college age by 2020. Less than 2 thousandths of 1%, and remember the populations are no longer growing…


    From this relatively simple calculation, it would seem reasonable to conclude many colleges/universities will close, teachers will be lost, progressive dumbind down will prevail for the vast majority of the next generation and obviously their offspring, so that the elite plan of world domination by 2050 is quite achievable

  3. To Squodgy: The elite plan of world domination by 2050 isn’t achievable thanks to Fukushima, and climate change. The pollution that plagues China is spreading around the world. We get 80% of our oxygen from living oceans……and the Pacific will be completely dead in less than two years. It takes oxygen and regeneration to clear the air and make it livable.
    Dominate what? There will be nothing left. People in China are already buying oxygen machines to breathe fresh air because the air is so polluted, the rich are fleeing to other countries where the pollution isn’t so bad yet.
    Rising sea levels are making many desirable areas too dangerous, and 80% of the world population live in those areas….close to waters that are rising thanks to melting glaciers.
    The heat from the radiation at Fukushima is just beginning to be felt. People are dying, and corporate media denies it. The world as we knew it is vanishing, and it is happening now.
    Add in the financial storms that are already starting that will cause a world banking collapse………we have never lived in a society without a stable banking system……and we are facing one now.
    Everything is coming together in a perfect storm (forgive me, I loathe that term, but it fits), and we are facing the end of our world. We are literally eating our own, like the black widow spider.
    Social, political and economic……..it is all collapsing, not in 20 years, but now.

  4. Marilyn,
    I empathise, but whilst I agree it will definitely hit the fan very soon economically, has already done so environmentally, and will procedurally do so societically, being a pessimistic realist, I think we must take whatever steps we can to prepare to compensate for the ineptitude of our ‘leaders’ and what we know is really happening.
    If we die, that’s it, tough shit, but if we’ve activated some simple steps at self preservation which works, and we’re still hanging on, then leadership, stability & control are the order of the day, and, perhaps naively, that is where I fancy going.


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