The Stunning Metamorphosis Of An ‘Obama Girl’ (Video)

best place to buy PregabalinThe Stunning Metamorphosis Of An “Obama Girl” (ZeroHedge, April 9, 2014):

This is Carey Wedler (the one with the Obama shirt) approximately six years ago, when she was, in her own words, a fervent “Obama girl” who believed the myth about “hope and change.”

Carey Wedler

And this is Carey Wedler now, grown up, who has finally “googled the news”, and having seen through the lies, realizes that Obama has “become exactly like the George Bush” that she “used to so vitriolically hate.”

Below are some of her observations on all the “mayhem and crime” committed by the president:

  • You bailed out bankers and placed them in your cabinet.
  • You placed Monsanto in charge of your FDA
  • You helped out pharmaceutical and health insurance companies with Obamacare
  • You expanded Bush’s wars and started new ones with drones branding yourself a humanitarian war monger
  • You bragged about crippling sanctions against Iran though they directly affected civilians
  • You extended the patriot act and asserted your right to spy on the American people
  • You asserted your right to detain them without trial
  • You seized the authority to assassinate Americans without providing any evidence of their guilt or offering them due process of law
  • You viciously punish journalists and pursue whistleblowers who expose your crimes though you vowed to protect them when you were running for office
  • You arm Al Qaeda insurgents and refused to close Guantanamo, and you along with congress have criminalized protest
  • And still you have the audacity to scold dictators about democracy, protests and freedom

Her conclusion:

  • Mr. Obama – you are the biggest fraud that has ever been perpetrated on the American people and it’s been a long time since I bought into it so I think it’s about time to burn your shirt.

Wow – Continue she got all of that from a google search?

Watch her full clip below, because it goes on and culminates with Carey’s full metamorphosis from an “Obama girl” to a full-blown libertarian.

Congratulations Carey for figuring out at a young age what most Americans will never realize in their entire lives.

h/t @DavidBCollum


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