$1.5 MILLION Hotel Bill For President Obama’s One-Day Visit To Brussels

resource$1.5M Hotel Bill for President Obama’s One-Day Visit to Brussels (The Weekly Standard, April 4, 2014):

In late March, President Obama took a week-long trip through Europe which included a stop of less than 24 hours in Brussels, Belgium for meetings with the European Union and NATO. The president stayed at The Hotel, a twenty-seven story hotel in the center of the city. The estimated cost for the president’s stay, including about two weeks for an advance team, was $1,522,646.36.

1.5M Hotel Bill for President Obama's One-Day Visit to Brussels

Despite reports that the president travelled with an entourage of 900, the Justification and Approval documents only indicate a need for “283 Lodging Rooms.” However, sometimes more than one hotel is used during VIP trips. For instance, when the president travelled to South Africa for Nelson Mandela’s funeral, five different hotels were used.

Contracts for lodging have not yet been posted for the president’s other stops during his Europe trip, which included the Netherlands and Rome, Italy.

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