Russia Summons German Ambassador After Schaeuble’s Hitler-Putin Analogy

Russia Summons German Ambassador After Schaeuble’s Hitler-Putin Analogy (Zerohedge, April 3, 2014):

Hitler took over the Sudetenland with such methods,” warned German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble over the weekend, drawing parallels between Putin’s push into Ukraine and the start of the Nazi occupation of Europe. This did not go down well in Moscow and German Ambassador Ruediger Freiherr von Fritsch was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry as the Russians lodged an official protest. Merkel was quick to distance herself from the remarks (which Russia calls a “trick”) demanding that “a high-ranking official should take more responsibility for his words.”

Schaeuble’s comments…

Nobody will be there to maintain order [in Ukraine],” Schaeuble said. Should such chaos ensue, Russian authorities may reason that “now we have some fascists threatening the population; now we have to protect them. We all know this from history. Hitler took over the Sudetenland with such methods.”

As Bloomberg reports,

Russian Foreign Ministry condemns German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble for drawing “pseudo-historical” parallels between annexation of Crimea and Hitler’s pre-war seizure of Sudetenland from Czechoslovakia.

The Hitler analogy is a “gross distortion of historical events and facts,” ministry says.

Russia’s foreign ministry statement:

A few days ago the German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, speaking to students a Berlin school, spent unacceptable historical parallels between the reunification of the Crimea with Russia and Hitler’s seizure policy in 1938, the Sudetenland was then Czechoslovakia and the subsequent transfer of control of the whole Czechoslovak territory.

We believe this kind of pseudo-German Minister provocative digressions. Admitted they are rough analogy juggling historical events and facts. Occupying high government official ministerial post in Germany must give an account of his words. It is noteworthy that this trick from Schaeuble distanced themselves Chancellor Angela Merkel and Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Today, the Russian Foreign Ministry, Ambassador of Germany in Moscow appropriate representation was made.

And now Schaeuble is out defending himself…


Hhhm, you decide if he was or was not…

1 thought on “Russia Summons German Ambassador After Schaeuble’s Hitler-Putin Analogy”

  1. Since the German plan was to take over the Eurozone using their financial strength, I don’t think they have a leg to stand upon. Their actions in bailing out Greece, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, and others was based on the fallacious idea they could take over the Eurozone using their money. What they didn’t understand was that every nation in the Euro has been practicing Enron accounting…..all claiming far more wealth and income than they had in fact.
    Now, Germany has a debt to GDP level well over 200%, and they have no way to get repaid. At home, the people are very angry. Unemployment is now plaguing them, and their financial involvement with the weak Euro members promises no easy solutions.
    This ongoing BS about the Ukraine is stupid. The people wanted to rejoin Russia because it will empower both countries. Unlike the Eurozone, it promises tangible advantages, not lies on paper.
    Germany has stated they want no increasing conflict with Russia. If so, why are they acting like idiots?
    Same reason the US is losing, group thinking.
    Putin won. The rest of the world needs to move on.


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