Obama Will Meet Xi Jinping Of China In Attempt To Isolate Russia Over Ukraine – Will China Choose Russia Or America In The Coming War?

Will China Choose Russia or America in the Coming War? (The Common Sense Show, March 22, 2014):

As the reader progresses to the end of this article, it is clear that the banksters are in total control and are pushing Putin, Hu and Obama towards the inevitable WW III.

The Chinese are clearly in support of the Russians and this alliance has been fermented by the banksters who want the reorganizing that will follow WW III. For those naive people who view Putin as a hero against the New World Order, your misguided faith in this former Colonel of the KGB/Russian mafia operative, has been exposed.

{I’ve warned you about Putin before:

Take a close look at the handsign. Hopefully this time nobody will tell me that King Abdullah II ibn al-Hussein is flashing here the sign for ‘LOVE’ in sign language!
More pictures and explanation HERE.
And Putin? He is obviously smiling.
All the world’s a stage, and most politcians merely puppets.}

I must admit that when I sit back and marvel at the cleverness of how the bankers have set the world on a collision course with WW III, I am impressed with their collective intelligence and aghast at their evil in starting a war that will kill millions/billions. The world will never be the same. This country will never be the same.

It now makes sense as to why Obama has felt the need to fire 260+ senior command military officers, particularly in the nuclear weapons program, since his tenure in office began. The DHS purchasing 2.2 billion rounds of ammunition now makes more sense. All the FEMA Camp types of legislation makes complete sense as do DHS documents such as the MIAC report which vilifies veterans, gun owners and Constitutionalists as well as Christians. The international agreements to bring in foreign troops, under treaty, in times of national emergency, or rebellion of the American people, now make more sense as well.

I’ve warned you many times before that the elitists, who planned the financial crisis, have also planned the coming greatest financial/economic collapse & WW III.

They also want to depopulate the planet and get rid of about 6 billion people.

Meanwhile in China:

Beijing hotel workers already ‘fed up’ with Obama entourage in 3400-square-foot, $8,350-per-night suite inconveniencing ‘pretty much everyone’ – and the first lady’s mother is ‘barking at the staff’ (Daily Mail, March 22, 2014)

In other news:

Putin puts fear of God in New World Order: Barrett:

Putin is stopping New World Order “creative destruction” in Syria and Ukraine. He is part of a growing coalition opposing the NWO – not just religious traditionalists, but also progressive anti-globalization forces, including Hugo Chavez inspired anti-imperialists in Latin America.

We are facing an epic struggle between those who espouse sacred values such as justice and decency versus those who wish to destroy all values.

God bless President Putin, who is putting the fear of God into the New World Order.

So I am just saying: Be careful about Putin.

Compare the rise of Putin to the rise of Obama and you’ll find astonishing parallels.

Obama will meet Xi Jinping of China in attempt to isolate Russia over Ukraine (Guardian, March 21, 2014):

The White House has added meetings with the leaders of China and Japan to Barack Obama’s visit to Europe and Saudi Arabia next week, as it seeks to use the six-day trip to build an international coalition and isolate Russia over its annexation of Crimea.

Amid criticism that Washington has sent weak signals about international resolve over the crisis, national security adviser Susan Rice announced on Friday that the flurry of diplomatic action – including hastily-arranged G7 and Nato meetings – was an opportunity to prove the US can continue to provide global leadership on a host of vexed issues.

“Over the course of this trip, the president will be mobilising the international community and some of our most important partners in the world at a time when we are dealing with a number of challenges,” Rice said in an unusual public briefing with reporters.

“If there is a common theme to this trip, it is the fundamental strength and importance of our alliances and partnerships,” she added. “The strategic importance of this effort really cannot be overstated; from Europe, to Asia and the Middle East, our ability to lead strong coalitions is essential to making progress.”

Despite fears that the Ukrainian crisis marks a return to a Cold War-style standoff between East and West, the White House had drawn succour from a Chinese decision to to abstain rather than vote with Russia during a United Nations vote condemning events in Crimea last Sunday.

Obama will meet president Xi Jinping in the Hague on Monday on the sidelines of a wider summit on combating nuclear terrorism. Michelle Obama and her two daughters are currently on a visit to China that is billed as a form of “soft diplomacy” by the White House, which is anxious to lure Beijing away from its historic support of Moscow.

There are also now US bilateral meetings scheduled next week with the leaders of the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium and the United Arab Emirates as well as a trilateral meeting with the leaders of South Korea and Japan; an audience with the Pope in Rome; and a flying visit to meet the king of Saudi Arabia.

Washington’s attempt to prove that the era of pax-Americana is not over yet comes after it ramped up financial sanctions against Russia on Thursday – blacklisting wealthy oligarchs close to Putin and threatening a wider economic trade blockade.

This has prompted a downgrade of Russian debt by international credit rating agencies and a slide in the ruble, but to be effective the economic warfare needs support from larger trading partners in Europe and Asia.

The White House is also anxious that the dramatic slide in relations with the Kremlin does not derail fragile progress in the Middle East, where a nuclear deal with Iran and peace talks with Syria depend on continued Russian support.

Nevertheless, the National Security Council is quick to acknowledge that events in Ukraine have led to a major rethink of policy towards Moscow and this crisis will dominate the president’s trip to Europe and the Gulf.

“These meetings take place against the backdrop of Russia’s intervention in Ukraine,” said Rice. “What will be clear for the entire world to see is that Russia is increasingly isolated and the US is leading the international community in supporting the government of Ukraine and imposing costs on Russia.”

4 thoughts on “Obama Will Meet Xi Jinping Of China In Attempt To Isolate Russia Over Ukraine – Will China Choose Russia Or America In The Coming War?”

  1. China chose Russia in November of 2010 when it joined with Russia in dumping the US dollar, using an electronic currency, they are able to trade with each other and other nations using their own currencies, leaving the dollar out. Since then, India, Japan, much of South America, Turkey, Iran, many of the emerging nations in Africa and others have joined with them. The US is the man outside, not Russia. Last year, New Zealand and Australia also dumped the dollar.
    The US dollar used to be used to complete every international transaction in the world until Summer of 2010. Then, the South American Trade Alliance, headed by Hugo Chavez, introduced the first electronic currency, the Sucre. For the first time, member nations of SATA could trade with each other using their own currencies, leaving the dollar out. The Sucre translated the value of each currency during the transaction making conversion to the dollar obsolete. In November of the same year, Russia and China established a similar model between themselves, and the world has joined with them.
    The US has abused it’s position as the world reserve currency by printing worthless money nonstop depending on the international market’s need for the dollar.
    Well, that was our Achilles heel………and now, we are paying for it. Foreign investment has nearly dried up in US debt; the FED carries most of the US national debt, keeping it current (at least for now).
    Our dreadful behavior towards nations that have done nothing to us, our usage of the Bush doctrine has made the world move away from us. The fact nothing was done after Wall Street caused the worst global economic crash in modern history made the world seek out and find an alternative to the dollar.
    Now, we are sitting on piles of worthless paper nobody wants or needs, and our skyrocketing prices are only one result of it. It is no longer in the hands of our leaders, it is now in control of the world economy, and we are no longer the leading player.
    Neither is China. Their true debt to GDP is anywhere from 5-12X higher……..the US is at 99%, Germany, France, and much of the Eurozone is over 200% debt to GDP, the UK has 440% debt to GDP………
    The nations doing well are Russia, and the emerging nations in South America. They have real exports, not just financial falsehoods and war machines.
    The US is in a world of trouble, and not all the lies told by US media will fix a thing.

  2. Russia is not the nation being isolated, it is the US.
    As for Michelle and the girls visiting China as “soft diplomacy” to lure them away from Russia is absurd. Look at China’s historic view of women……..that idea makes no sense. The Chinese don’t value women, even first ladies.
    I agree with the author not to trust Putin any more than Obama. He is also a billionaire, not just a puppet, but one of the elite………..

  3. Default is inevitable. Whether the smoke screen of war funding is used to hide the impact depends on how the sheeple respond to demands for physical conflict by the Banksters in charge.

    But if they choose to sequester private pensions and savings to ‘fund’ the project, under the guise of ‘bailing in’, there will indoubtedly be a rapid shift or groundswell of upset from the massively populated ‘silent middle class majority’, who have sat silently during this era of deterioration.

    As we’ve discussed before, the effects on us all, assuming we don’t get fried, will be inexorably slow but steady declines in standards because of revaluation of needs and principles.

    The cities will become like Detroit, everywhere. Food will become like it was in Soviet times, and then energy will be priced high, to the level it WILL be a luxury, not a right. There will probably be a contrived emp event ‘just strong enough’ to prevent internet/mp4 communication, thus disabling organised campaigning. Obvious decadence and brazen wealth will precipitate distaste and potential acts of disgust in the form of violence which will be deliberately misinterpreted by the remnants of mainstream media to marginalise the sheeple as peasants.
    Parochialism and tribalism will grow everywhere, leading to a clannish base society, removed from the elite. Everybody will definitely be on the lookout for John Connor!!!


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