Fukushima Evacuee: Skin Turned Black And Hair Around Neck Came Off, Then My Dog Died

Fukushima Evacuee: Skin turned black and hair around neck came off, then my dog died — Cancer Specialist: There are simply too many cases, I see a connection (ENENews, March 17, 2014):

Deutsche Welle (Germany’s international public broadcaster), Mar. 11, 2014: The residents of the evacuated Japanese town of Namie near the crippled nuclear plant in Fukushima were contaminated with radiation. […] When Minako Fujiwara tells the story of her dog which died last June, she still gets sad. “Hair around the dog’s neck came off and its skin turned black,” the 56-year-old told DW. Similar symptoms were also detected in animals in Chernobyl […] Shunji Sekine, a physician in Namie, believes the radiation will eventually have a negative impact on public health [and] has been examining the thyroid glands of Namie citizens […] High number of cancer cases […] the government of the Prefecture of Fukushima refuses to publish any relevant details about the prevalence of cancer. Information requests made by Sekine pertaining to previous cancer cases among children and the degree of contamination remain unanswered […] Two cases of thyroid cancer have been confirmed among the 3200 young residents of Namie. Shinji Tokonami, a radiation expert at Hirosaki University, was surprised by the findings. “That is more than expected”, he said, adding that the reason behind this might be the increased precision of the measuring instruments.

Shunji Sekine, physician specializing in thyroid and breast cancer, Mar. 11, 2014: “Although comprehensive studies are missing, I see a connection between nuclear accidents and the occurrence of cancer” […] there are simply too many cases.

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