Fairbanks City Council Unanimously Passes Fukushima Monitoring Resolution: Alaska And U.S. West Coast In Danger – ‘No Safe Levels Of Radiation … Constitutes Grave Risk’

H/t reader M.G.:

“On a grave, far more life threating note……..an update on Fukushima. Fairbanks, Alaska passes a resolution to monitor radiation………the governments do and say nothing. Cities monitoring three years later……it is a bit late, and won’t solve a thing.”

From the article:

“Larry Hartig, the state commissioner of the Department of Environmental Conservation [said] People ingest more radiation from eating a banana than from eating a tuna.”


Cesium-137 emits 10 million times more radiation per unit volume than does potassium-40 found in a banana.

Fairbanks city council unanimously passes Fukushima monitoring resolution: Alaska and U.S. West Coast in danger — “No safe levels of radiation… constitutes grave risk” — Alaska Senator: “We need to be vigilant” (AUDIO) (ENENews, March 15, 2014):

Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, Mar. 10, 2014 (h/t Anonymous tip): Council to ask for more radiation testing […] [Fairbanks city] council will consider a resolution tonight that calls on the federal government and United Nations to do more radiation testing in Alaska waters. It asserts that health risks related to nuclear meltdown have been vastly understated […]

Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, Mar. 12, 2014: […] By a unanimous vote Monday, the Fairbanks City Council passed a resolution urging the state and federal government, as well as the United Nations, to do more radiation testing in Alaska waters. The resolution was introduced by Fairbanks City Mayor John Eberhart and had the support of the council and several people who came to testify. […] Larry Hartig, the state commissioner of the Department of Environmental Conservation [said] People ingest more radiation from eating a banana than from eating a tuna […] Concern about Fukuskima radiation also was raised at the Tanana Chiefs Conference convention Tuesday in Fairbanks. P.J. Simon, a delegate from Allakaket, said possible radiation in migrating salmon posed a risk to subsistence activities. […] “We need to be vigilant on this,” [Senator Lisa] Murkowski said.


  • WHEREAS, the March 2011 meltdowns of three nuclear power plants on the northeast coast of Japan constitute a danger to Japan, the North Pacific basin, Alaska and the west coast of North America; and […]
  • WHEREAS, available information from scientific sources, the government of Japan, and the corporate operator of the facility, reveal unprecedented large and ongoing releases of extremely dangerous radioisotopes to the atmosphere and the ocean; and
  • WHEREAS, there are no safe levels of radiation emitted from manmade isotopes, and human and animal ingestion and/or contact with them constitutes grave risk for many forms of cancer and multiple dysfunctions in biological systems […]
  • NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved that the City Council of the City of Fairbanks, Alaska, urges the federal government, State of Alaska, and the United Nations to begin a thorough and ongoing monitoring program of Alaska’s coastal water resources, its major fresh water streams and lakes, particularly surface waters that supply potable water to citizens. The monitoring program should be adequately funded to accomplish scientific analysis at the University of Alaska, wherein it will identify and quantify levels of radioisotopes in commercial seafood and subsistence foods. Data should be published on a web site dedicated to that purpose.
  • Section 2. PASSED and APPROVED this 10th day of March 2014.

KUAC broadcast available here

3 thoughts on “Fairbanks City Council Unanimously Passes Fukushima Monitoring Resolution: Alaska And U.S. West Coast In Danger – ‘No Safe Levels Of Radiation … Constitutes Grave Risk’”

  1. “Data should be published on a website dedicated to that purpose”.
    This ought to be on the front page of every news outlet in the world…..instead, it is buried, while they talk about tabloid trash and would-be wars if they had a leg to stand on……
    Should be……the words that go nowhere.
    It has been over three years. Were it not for this site, and now….finally…….one or two others, we would know nothing about this ongoing disaster that will eliminate Japan and much of the human and animal population on this planet.
    They have broken the delicate and well-developed food chain, and the results are catastrophic. Japan will not admit how many are already dead, and the death rate of infants and children is going up here on the west coast. No coverage, lets talk about Chris Christie’s corruption instead…..
    It is total madness.
    I guess I am glad these cities are finally moving towards monitoring radioactive waters and animals, but they move at a snail’s pace. Group rule doesn’t work, the Great Enlightenment of the 18th century was wonderful, but wrong.
    People are not fit to rule themselves. So, criminals and other low life types gain power and are too greedy and antisocial to do anything constructive. This time, they will die, too, but they are too self satisfied and wrapped up in their own denial to realize it.
    I read in the UK Guardian they are building fallout shelters for greedy guts complete with indoor swimming pools. As one who refuses to live underground, all I can say is I hope they enjoy the merry hell they are creating for themselves……I cannot find a more just punishment for them. Perhaps an earthquake from fracking will bury them all.
    We are facing our own extinction, and the virtual reality that seems to rule the west denies the entire story.
    Thanks for publishing this important, if impotent story. Monitoring will not fix a thing without doing something to stop the disaster…..and there is no technology in existence to do that.

  2. Here is more. Instead of the truth, the fact these incredible animals need oxygen in the dying Pacific, they ignore, or tell pretty tales…………when the Pacific is completely dead, it will be a mess. The stench will be unbearable, and there are no services or plans for same to fix the problem.
    Already, the beaches of CA are littered with Japanese garbage……radioactive and too dangerous for folks to remove………



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