13 thoughts on “Eleventh Donation In 2014!

  1. Thanks, Squodgy. I feel the same way about this site. I hope they get enough to keep it rolling along. Its also good to see more people giving there input and comments. I think it is good to get other peoples opinions and perspectives.

  2. Thankyou John.
    Sadly I feel increasingly isolated as I harvest and digest information which, should I try to impart it, invariably results in my being dismissed as a conspiratorial crank.
    Case in point, 9/11, Systemic Paedophilia and Chemtrails.
    For five years I have provided the feedback evidence that something is wrong, yet over 90% of my contacts just don’t want to know.
    The frustration is sometimes unbearable, but satisfaction is gained from sites like IU and feedback like yours and Dear Marilyn’s.

    • @Squodgy,

      “People don’t want to know” seems to be the biggest trend on the planet right now.

      100% of your contacts will remember what you’ve told them when the SHTF.

  3. Thanks T, but I would much prefer they thought for themselves and reasoned the obvious so we could have sensible discourse.
    We had neighbours round a few weeks ago, both Professionals, plus another couple who were former farmers.
    The subject of GMO’s was brought up, and the comment was made that it is good because it will increase yields for the growing world population……
    JEEEEEZUSSS…total brainwashed moronic crap….
    Needless to say I bombarded them for an hour…they submitted saying their knowledge wasn’t as vast as mine and have changed their minds.
    But they still think I’m nuts!
    But I know I am…that’s the difference.

  4. I think brainwashing is the right term, and as such we have to realize how to talk to them to bring them out of their stupor. It takes time and cool heads but time marches on and things get worse. The closer we get to collapse the more will wake up. I think this convergence will be too late for most, but maybe the ones you have told will see it a little sooner than the rest and be ahead of the curve a little. It will not be soon enough to change things but maybe they can get some food, water, or seeds ( if you live where the fall out is not as bad yet).

    I do think we are in the last days of this before everyone knows and this means we must get serous about getting ready. I MEAN DAYS! I have a family and am trying to prep as much as one can but its hard.

    Good Luck.

  5. John, don’t be too resigned.
    If WWlll starts and the big ones fly, remember it’s not ALL bad news, especially if you are placed well to the west of what you think are major targets. At worst you will suffer minor fallout for which KI and copious Vit C will undoubtedly give you & yours an edge. We have been taking nascent iodine for 3 months now, so are nearly topped up.
    Economically, you can only prep. When it collapses it will coincide with the conflict because 98% of the population won’t join the bloody dots, which is what the Bilderburgers want. Think water, dried food, vitamins, warmth, and books to educate as this dumbed down bunch of morons from the last two generations aren’t fit enough to audition for ‘Zombies”.

  6. Squodgy, we need you.
    Don’t give up. I know how you feel. When I bring up the economic sinkhole we are in, or the pending extinction from Fukushima, people run……they don’t want to know the truth. They would rather watch tabloid news that isn’t, and take care of their own, self centered lives.
    Keep your truth out there…..there is very little in the world.

  7. I tried to make a donation, the system won’t let me, says it is wrong.
    Isn’t there a way to just make a donation without establishing Paypal and all that stuff?

    • @Marilyn Gjerdrum,

      PayPal is the only way to donate (so far).

      I wish I could offer better and easier alternatives.

      Thank you.

      Infinite Unknown

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