Gov’t Paper: Air samples so hot from Fukushima, special handling required – US had more stations at Level 5 than rest of world combined – Oklahoma lab reached overload

U.S. had more stations at Level 5 than rest of world combined

Gov’t Paper: Air samples so hot from Fukushima, special handling required — U.S. had more stations at Level 5 than rest of world combined — Oklahoma lab reached overload (MAP) (ENENews, March 8, 2014):

Prepared for the U.S. Department of Energy, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Nov. 2011:

Fukushima experience and lessons learned – The CTBTO [Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization], the IMS [International Monitoring Stations] and the International Data Centre (IDC) performed exceptionally well in the aftermath of the Fukushima event, providing valuable data through which NDCs [National Data Centers] were able to give essential advice to their National Authorities which, in turn, assisted with emergency planning. Obviously, lessons were learned from this event which was unprecedented in CTBT-related experience. Operational lessons learned at the CTBTO IDC are summarized […]

  • More than 400 Level 5 [multiple fission products detected] samples. overload of work for MIS laboratories [Mishima, Japan] and WMO [Wichita Mountains, OK], not all requested
  • Special handling of few hot samples (1 kBq per m3 in air result to 20 MBq at particulate)
  • Need for staff to cover more challenging samples and cover weekends etc

See also: Florida had highest single day Iodine-131 concentration of any CTBTO monitoring station in U.S. after Fukushima

1 thought on “Gov’t Paper: Air samples so hot from Fukushima, special handling required – US had more stations at Level 5 than rest of world combined – Oklahoma lab reached overload”

  1. The denial around this story is beyond understanding. I read articles written by relatively intelligent people saying “we are leaving our grandchildren with a mess,” They won’t accept the reality……..we have the mess now, and it is eating it’s way across the world.
    Food chain is broken. Scavenger animals won’t eat the radioactive dead bodies……..there are no cleanup systems in place for water, beaches, food, crops, soil,……….nothing works any longer. We have total idiots in power.
    There is a great movie on this subject released in 1959 called “On the Beach” about a few men alive after nuclear war….it covers their last few days of life. Nobody survives. But, the government was handing out pills so people could take them, go to sleep and die. Our government cannot even do that!
    We are facing our own extinction, and it won’t wait 20 or 30 years…….the changes are already happening. If you visit any beach in CA, garbage from Japan litters the areas, and they are too radioactive to touch.
    No cleanup crews, nothing is being done to clean it up or do a thing. Dead sea animals beach, and the scavenger animals won’t touch them, they are too poisonous.
    In Costa Rica, a few months back, hundreds of dead sea turtles washed ashore from radioactive poisoning. Dogs (not knowing any better) ran and ate them…..and died instantly. That ought to tell anyone the level of radioactive poison is very high……and we are all going to die of it.
    I am fortunate. I have a spinal disease that will soon take my life, so I pray I die before I get cooked from the inside out…..because that is how radioactive poisoning works.
    I remember when I was finally diagnosed…..I knew it was something, but our doctors of today are so afraid of lawsuits, you have to be very proactive in your own care. You research your illness, go see the doctor, tell him what you have (after the tests obviously) and what the outcome is.
    I went into his office. He put the scan on, and did what another doctor did five years earlier, turned it off immediately, and tried to tell me he could not read it. I sat down (I had also read the scan) and told him what I had, what it would do, and how it would kill me. He started to cry, and he nodded his head in agreement. He could not tell me, but I could tell him. That is medical care in 21st century America.
    I remember the shock, the anger, the why me….all the stuff people go through. But, with Fukushima, along with New Mexico, San Diego and now Washington State……perhaps I am being rescued. That is how I choose to view it.
    I have had enough experience to know our consciousness goes on, and the power of thought is incredible. So, I try to hang on to the positive, and avoid dark, and negative ones. Avoid fear based reasoning at all costs.
    But, denial isn’t positive thinking, it is fear based though most people refuse to admit it. That is the biggest obstacle we have to addressing this huge issue. Refusing to face the truth is a form of insanity. And, every level of this very sick society does exactly that.
    When I saw CBS claim that radiation was good for you……I was horrified at the lies and depraved usage of the power of the electronic media. How dare these corporations do such thing? Reason, they run this country, and have destroyed the economy for all time.
    Look at Japan, their debt level is well over 200% of GDP now because their exports are returned at record rates due to the high level of radioactivity. If they were not building vehicles in Mexico, nobody would buy them……they would be too dangerous to drive. Before Fukushima, they had the strongest economy on the globe, and bought a lot of US debt at low rates……no longer, they cannot afford to keep our corporate oligarchy going, they are literally dying.
    Thanks so much for staying on this essential story. You show much courage.


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