Breakthrough Over 600-Year-Old Mystery Voynich Manuscript

The 15th Century Voynich Manuscript has been described as the world’s most mysterious book written in a complex code, an unknown language or simply a hoax

buy Lyrica 150 mg onlineBreakthrough over 600-year-old mystery manuscript (BBC News, Feb 18, 2014)

A breakthrough has been made in attempts to decipher a mysterious 600-year-old manuscript written in an unknown language, it has been claimed.

The Voynich Manuscript, carbon-dated to the 1400s, was rediscovered in 1912, but has defied codebreakers since.

Now, Bedfordshire University’s Stephen Bax says he has deciphered 10 words, which could lead to more discoveries.

The manuscript, which some think is a hoax, is full of illustrations of plants and stars, as well as text.

It has been latched onto by supporters of a whole range of strange theories including some linking it to Leonardo da Vinci or even aliens.

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