Militant Group ISIS Expelled From Al-Qaeda For Being ‘TOO EXTREME’ – Head Of All US Military Psychological Operations Programs Was Expelled From The Church Of Satan For Being Too Evil


ISIS “too extreme for al-Qaeda” (Veterans Today, Feb 10, 2014):

Col. Michael Aquino is a man of remarkable achievements. He was expelled from the Church of Satan for being too evil – and then, after being prosecuted and miraculously acquitted of horrific child abuse, was promoted to head all US military psychological operations programs.

When the late founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, called the US government “the Great Satan” he wasn’t kidding.

Getting kicked out of the Church of Satan for being too evil – now THAT is impressive. But the militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has managed an equally impressive feat: They have been expelled from al-Qaeda for being too extremist in their approach to terrorism.

Too extreme for al-Qaeda?!

“ISIS is now officially the biggest and baddest global jihadi group on the planet,” Brookings terror expert William McCants told the New York Times.  “Nothing says ‘hard-core’ like being cast out by Al Qaeda.”

The US government, which protests that it is only helping the “good terrorists” rather than the “bad terrorists” in Syria, will now have to add a third group to the list: the “really, REALLY bad terrorists.”

The American people, terrorized by media propaganda into believing they could be blown up or mailed US government anthrax by al-Qaeda at any moment, must be shivering with dread. A new global jihadi group is out there that even al-Qaeda finds terrifying! What is the US government doing to protect its citizens from the likes of ISIS?

Americans might be surprised to learn that the US government and its allies appear to be arming ISIS, encouraging it, and pushing it to commit ever-more-extreme acts of senseless terrorism.

Back in 2010, when ISIS was known as al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) the world learned that key US ally Saudi Arabia was funding the “al-Qaeda” terrorists. Former National Security Agency officer Wayne Madsen cited US intelligence sources:

“The King of Saudi Arabia has strongly criticized the country’s intelligence officials for disclosing a secret document, which shows Riyadh has links with terrorist activities carried out by al-Qaeda in Iraq.  King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz ordered a special committee to investigate the intelligence leak and inform him about those liable in the case. Some 37 members of Saudi’s intelligence service, accused of being behind the leakage of the confidential document, were also reported to have been arrested.”

Saudi Arabia isn’t the only US Mideast ally supporting al-Qaeda and its offshoots. On December 5th, 2002, the BBC cited Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon claiming that al-Qaeda was active in Gaza: “We know that they are there.” Three days later, the BBC reported that Palestinian authorities had caught Israeli agents creating fake “al-Qaeda” cells in Gaza. No wonder Sharon knew they were there!

This was not, alas, the first time that Israel had set up a fake “al-Qaeda” cell. The Hamburg “al-Qaeda” group around Mohammed Atta was apparently infiltrated and taken over by Israeli intelligence, which used a Hebrew-speaking Atta double and at least two doubles of long-time Mossad asset Ziad Jarrah, among other impersonators, as it set up the (barely) plausible patsies for the 9/11/2001 false flag operation. (Those interested in learning how Muslim patsies were framed for 9/11 should start with three books: The Hidden History of 9/11, edited by Paul Zarembka; Hijacking America’s Mind on 9/11 by Elias Davidsson; and Welcome to Terrorland by Daniel Hopsicker.)

And it isn’t just the Saudis and Israelis. The US and the West in general appear to be sponsoring “radical Islamic terrorism” all over the world – and the more extreme the better.

In Afghanistan, President Hamid Karzai has accused US forces of carrying out the worst terrorist atrocities in his country and trying to blame them on the Taliban. The Washington Post reports that Karzai has provided “a list of dozens of (false-flag) attacks that he believes the U.S. government may have been involved in…The list even includes the recent bomb and gun assault on a Lebanese restaurant in Kabul, one of the bloodiest acts targeting the international community in Afghanistan, the official said. The attack, which left 21 people dead, including three Americans, was almost universally attributed to the Taliban.”

Karzai believes the US is committing false-flag terrorism in Afghanistan in order to destabilize the country. That also appears to be a goal of Western-sponsored false-flag terror in Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq.

Even al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri has suggested that some of the most extreme terrorism attributed to ISIS (previously known as AQI) is false-flag. In September 2005, al-Zawahiri wrote a letter questioning AQI’s indiscriminate attacks on Shi’a civilians; and in 2007 he said that “traitors” posing as AQI were responsible for the ongoing terror onslaught against Iraqi civilians.

So the recent split between al-Qaeda and ISIS has a long and bloody history.

Why is the West encouraging and even creating the bloodiest, most vicious “Islamic terror” groups? For the same reason police plant agents provocateurs in the ranks of demonstrators: To destabilize the protest groups, turn the public against them, and allow the police to crush them.

The anti-globalization movement was hamstrung by agents provocateurs in black ski masks who would suddenly begin smashing windows and committing violent acts. This would give the police an excuse to beat and arrest protestors and shut down the demonstrations. The media would then broadcast images of the false-flag violence, and dutifully report that “violent protests” had been quashed and order restored.

The Zionist-led, bankster-ruled West is terrified of the Islamic Awakening. So they are planting agents provocateurs in the ranks of Islamic militants to provoke violence, extremism, and sectarianism – and to turn the Western and global publics against Islam, and justify a fake “war on terror” that is actually a war on Islam.

So when a bunch of terrorists get kicked out of al-Qaeda because their terrorism is too extreme, we may safely assume that they are agents provocateurs, working to destabilize the Middle East on behalf of the global bankster elite.

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