Man Jumps To His Death From JPMorgan London Headquarters

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Man Jumps To His Death From JPMorgan London Headquarters  (ZeroHedge, Jan 28, 2014):

Early this morning, at JPM’s 33 story high London Headquarters located at 25 Bank Street in Canary Wharf, a 39 year-old man jumped to his death after falling onto a 9th floor roof. The police, who were called to the scene at 8:02 this morning, said they are not treating the death as suspicious and no arrests have been made, suggesting the death was indeed a suicide.  London Ambulance Service and London Air Ambulance attended but they could not save the man.

Bloomberg quotes Jennifer Zuccarelli, a spokeswoman for JPMorgan in London who said that “We are reviewing a very sad incident at 25 Bank Street this morning.”  The building and the surrounding area is “currently secure,” she said.

From Bloomberg:

The 11-year-old skyscraper is 33 stories high, according to building-data provider Emporis. It was formerly the European headquarters of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., which filed for the largest bankruptcy in U.S. history in 2008.

The bank declined to identify the deceased person or say whether they worked for JPMorgan. The police are waiting for “formal identification,” they said in an e-mailed statement.

London24, which also notes that this is the second high profile banking death within just a few days after Deutsche bank announced its former executive William Broeksmit 58, was found dead in his home on Sunday, caught some tweets describing the incident:



Is this just the first of many banker suicides, if indeed this was a suicide?


2 thoughts on “Man Jumps To His Death From JPMorgan London Headquarters”

  1. My mother was the daughter of a politician and when the crash of 1929 happened, she was fifteen years old. She said it was the people down to their last millions that committed suicide, not people who lost everything.
    When people become what they supposedly own, they are no longer free.

  2. Allowing this man had money and could not accept the financial market fluctuations so he killed himself.
    My comment, “Death by when is enough enough?”


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