U.S. Birth Rate … The Chart That Really Scares The Government

The Chart That Really Scares The Government… (ZeroHedge, Jan 21, 2014):

With a government intent on growing its entitlements, welfare state, and implicitly it’s debt load… what could be more terrifying than the future debt-serfs refusing to be born into existence. As the birth rate in the US tumbles to yet another multi-decade low, one has to ask how confident the young adult of today is and how, again, the Japanization of America continues to indicate a dark future ahead

U.S. Birth Rate

1 thought on “U.S. Birth Rate … The Chart That Really Scares The Government”

  1. The US does not need more people, I don’t care what the idiots say. We have a nation in direct path of Fukushima, and at the rate it is moving, the entire west coast of the US and Canada are going to be unlivable in the next couple of years……..all the old rules are going to be valueless.
    We may well be facing our own extinction. More babies will not change it.


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