British TV Documentary ‘Nuclear Ginza’ (1995) : Nuclear Workers ‘Stripped Naked, Soaked In Sweat … Gasping For Air’ – ‘My Teeth Started Breaking Off’ – ‘It’s As If They Are The Living Dead’

British TV documentary “Nuclear Ginza” (1995) about the Japanese nuclear industry and the risks it poses to its workers and population.

TV: Nuclear workers “stripped naked, soaked in sweat… gasping for air” — “My teeth started breaking off” — “It’s as if they are the living dead” — “Democracy destroyed in areas where nuclear power exists” (VIDEO) (ENENews, Jan 20, 2014):

Channel 4 (UK) ‘Nuclear Ginza’ Part II, Kenji Higuchi, 1995:

Kenji Higuchi, photographer: I’ll never forget what it was like the heat and the darkness, workers stripped naked soaked in sweat, they stood in an oxygen tent gasping for air. […]

Kunio Murai, nuclear worker: My teeth started breaking off, bit by bit. I don’t have any upper teeth now […] my hair fell out. […]

Higuchi: I have met people who have bled from the gums, ears, nose. Who have been violently sick and suffer from diarrhea immediately after being exposed. They suffer from profound lethargy. The way they explain it, it is as if they are the living dead, only from the outside do they look normal. Damage to the testes and to the eyes is common. Chronic anemia, tumors of the skin,, thyroid, bone, larynx, pharynx and lung. Loss of teeth and hair, low immunity to infection, accelerated aging, depression, anxiety […]

At 4:00 in

Higuchi: The laborers are still in the hands of labor bosses and the Japanese mafia, the Yakuza.

At 6:00 in

Higuchi: So you were against building the power station?

Local: Of course, anyone with a brain would have been.

At 10:30 in

Temple resident: Unfortunately, in Japan, the sad reality is that democracy has been destroyed in the areas where nuclear power exists.

Watch Part II of the broadcast here

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