Southern England Homes Flooded As Thames Bursts Banks

Southern England homes flooded as Thames bursts banks (PressTV, Jan 11, 2014):

Towns and villages close to the River Thames in the United Kingdom have been inundated and local residents have been warned for further flooding as heavy rain caused the river levels to rise and burst its banks.

On Friday, the River Thames overflowed its banks, and parts of the river from Oxfordshire to West London were under flood warnings.

Homes close to the banks of the river went underwater, with floodwaters causing damage to ground floors and gardens.

The areas affected by flooding included the towns of Marlow and Cookham in the England’s southeastern county of Buckinghamshire, as well as the villages of Shiplake and Wargrave in the southeastern county of Berkshire and parts of south Oxford.

The Environment Agency (EA) said there are 94 flood warnings in place, with most of those in the southeast and southwest of England.

The EA further noted that people living along the lower reaches of the Thames, as well as the Avon in Hampshire and the Stour in Dorset, should be prepared for the risk of flooding over the weekend as river levels continue to rise.

More flooding is also expected during the weekend in Oxfordshire, west Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Surrey.

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  1. How close are these communities to sea level?
    I read that Greenland is allowing drilling for oil to expand. If their ice melts, it will raise the sea level by 27 feet.
    Mankind is full of fools, and when they get into power, civilizations collapse.
    I hope the UK is mindful about rebuilding. Regardless of what people think, sea levels are rising.


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