1 thought on “3 Warning Signs That A Financial Crash Is Imminent”

  1. The fallout that continues from Fukushima will affect everything, including markets. The markets are so rigged, there is no way to tell. 85% of all transactions on the US stock market is high volume skim and sell………the so-called expenditure lasts less than a second for a few greedy guts to steal a few cents off of millions of shares. That isn’t investment, it used to be illegal.
    Only 15% of the market is by actual investors, and we don’t know how many of them are margined.
    It is all statistics. There are lies, damn lies and statistics.
    There is no longer any sense to be made from the markets, they are too rigged to give any viable information.
    As one who followed the market for much of my life, I can now tell you there is no real information to be gotten any longer. A few individuals, controlling huge funds (at least on paper) twist it with smoke and mirrors. I no longer pay attention because it is completely false. They are nearly out of cash.
    I just read that companies are listing services as cash assets………..that is so mendacious and full of lies……..only a fool would invest there today.


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