UN Official ‘Astounded’: Homeless Are Taken To Work In Fukushima, Ready To Die – Pastor: ‘At End Of Month, They’re Left With No Pay’ – Police: They End Up In Debt To Employers After Food And Housing Fees Deducted

H/t reader M.G.:

“Is this the mining towns of 19c Virginia? The wage slaves of 19th century UK
This story is the worst I have ever seen………corporate and gang power exploiting the homeless to work at Fukushima, and charging them for it. Why isn’t this covered?
I guess we know the answer, corporations are run by criminals, and we also have criminals in charge of our countries.
Read this if you can stomach it.
This is the most appalling and evil story I have read on the subject. I only hope there is a special hell for these guys……..”

The Yakuza at work …

UN Official ‘Astounded’: Homeless are taken to work in Fukushima, ready to die — Pastor: “At end of month, they’re left with no pay” — Police: They end up in debt to employers after food and housing fees deducted (VIDEO) (ENENews, Dec 29, 2013):

Reuters, Dec. 29, 2013: SPECIAL REPORT- Japan’s homeless recruited for murky Fukushima clean-up […] Some say better homeless than going into debt by working […] Gangsters run Fukushima labour brokers […] Sendai, the biggest city in the disaster zone, has emerged as a hiring hub for homeless men. Many work […] cleaning up radioactive hotspots […] Seiji Sasa, 67 [recruits] homeless men at the Sendai train station to work in the nuclear cleanup. […] homeless men ended up in debt after fees for food and housing were deducted, police say. […] a shelter funded by the city […] sent other homeless men to work for him […] 55-year-old homeless […] worker’s paystub, reviewed by Reuters, showed charges for food, accommodation and laundry were docked from his monthly pay equivalent to about $1,500, leaving him with $10 […] The problem of workers running themselves into debt is widespread.

Kenichi Sayama, general manager at subcontractor Fujisai: “If you don’t get involved (with gangs), you’re not going to get enough workers […] The construction industry is 90 percent run by gangs.”

Yasuhiro Aoki, Baptist pastor and homeless advocate: “Many homeless people are just put into dormitories, and the fees for lodging and food are automatically docked from their wages […] Then at the end of the month, they’re left with no pay at all.”

Shizuya Nishiyama, 57 years old: He now sleeps on a cardboard box in Sendai Station […] [For decontamination work, an employer] offered him $90 a day […] he was made to pay as much as $50 a day for food and lodging. He also was not paid on the days he was unable to work [but] would still be charged for room and board. He decided he was better off living on the street than going into debt. “We’re an easy target for recruiters […] if we haven’t eaten, they offer to find us a job.”

Mr. Anand Grover, Esq., United Nations Special Rapporteur, published Oct. 24, 2013: (at 15:30 in) “These workers told me, ‘Do you know we are actually living in a shanty town?’ I can show you the photographs — literally on the pavement, in the non-used pavement between the railway station there were plastic huts where people were living, in Japan, in Tokyo — not Bombay. It actually astounded me that these things were happening. Then they told me that people come take them, give them ‘X’ amount of money […] They’re ready to go into the fire and die. Other people are not ready to do it.”

Watch the Q&A with Grover here

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1 thought on “UN Official ‘Astounded’: Homeless Are Taken To Work In Fukushima, Ready To Die – Pastor: ‘At End Of Month, They’re Left With No Pay’ – Police: They End Up In Debt To Employers After Food And Housing Fees Deducted”

  1. This is evil. Japan deserves to crumble into the dust. The sad part is that it will kill millions of others, not just the greedy gut swine who do these dreadful things.
    There is no excuse for genocide……and genocide on so many levels.
    Where is the world court? Why are world leaders sitting by doing nothing while this goes on? Why isn’t this covered in the press?
    Apathy is a dictator’s most valuable subject. But, this isn’t apathy, this is obfuscation and propaganda on a level never seen before. The press no longer covers any stories of truth, just junk and political tabloid. Where are the real journalists?
    Were it not for brave bloggers and websites like this one, nobody would know. World leaders now seek to shut down the open Internet…….and this is one example of why.
    Pass this story to all you know. How is this different than the slave labor camps in Nazi Germany where workers were worked and starved to death?


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