Ron ‘Austrian’ Paul Vs. Paul ‘Keynesian’ Krugman – You Decide (Video)

Ron “Austrian” Paul Vs. Paul “Keynesian” Krugman – You Decide (ZeroHedge, Dec 1, 2013):

The concept of the business cycle and its un-natural intervention-inspired boom-bust process is at the core of the following three minutes of dueling quotes from two of the most infamous public proponents of change (Ron Paul) and the status quo (Paul Krugman).

  • “Cut interest rates a couple of percentage points, provide plenty of liquidity, and call me in the morning.” – Krugman
  • “Printing money is not an answer… Like all artificially-created bubbles, the boom… cannot last forever.” – Paul

You decide who “was” right, and who “will be” right again…

(h/t Jim Quinn’s Burning Platform)

Of course, we’ve seen them head-to-head before…

1 thought on “Ron ‘Austrian’ Paul Vs. Paul ‘Keynesian’ Krugman – You Decide (Video)”

  1. By the end of 2015, none of this will matter.
    Fukushima changes everything, every rotten game plan out there will be of no relevance.
    Mankind is going to have a harsh encounter with nuclear fallout……nothing like we have ever seen or imagined.
    None of this matters, it is just diversion from the real problem.


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