USA Today Attacks Dr. Burzynski But Won’t Expose ‘False Hope’ Of Conventional Oncology

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USA Today attacks Dr. Burzynski but won’t expose ‘false hope’ of conventional oncology (Natural News, Nov 21, 2013):

A decades-long character assassination and smear campaign against cancer specialist Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski continues, this time with a foul hit piece published in USA Today that tugs at almost every human emotion in a failed attempt to discredit this unconventional hero of progressive cancer therapy.

Mashing together just the right combination of heartbreaking anecdotes, manipulated data points and generally false accusations, USA Today‘s Liz Szabo completely marginalizes the work of Dr. Burzynski in her shameless ridicule, while at the same time conveniently ignoring the utter failures of conventional oncology to come anywhere close to his successes.

It is a common tactic employed by the mainstream media when trying to reinforce the status quo — present the reader with a sad story while carefully sprinkling in a few personal attacks and useless tidbits of information designed to make the topic of ridicule, in this case, Dr. Burzynski, appear crazy, or worse, criminal.

Szabo’s ruthless attack is no exception, of course, as she pulls out all these usual punches and more. But each time such nonsense is published by a “credible” news source with known ties to vested industry interests, it is important to bring things back to reality by shining the light on the truth, or in this case, exposing the lies.

Insurance companies don’t cover alternative cancer treatments

One of the first fallacious implications to ooze from Szabo’s venomous hit piece is that Dr. Burzynski is somehow a bad man because he accepts cash payments for his services. These payments often range into the tens of thousands of dollars, a lofty sum that Szabo repeatedly throws out to pull at the financial heartstrings of her readers.

Szabo’s implication is that Dr. Burzynski is somehow ripping off his patients, but what she fails to mention is that his services are typically not covered by conventional insurance. Chemotherapy and radiation treatments typically cost far more, ranging into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, but these costs are hidden by the fact that conventional insurance typically covers them.

Dr. Burzynski’s patients all undergo conventional treatments first before seeing him

Not all of Dr. Burzynski’s patients win their battles against cancer, a fact that the Burzynski Clinic openly admits, but Szabo brazenly exploits that in such a way as to paint the man as some kind of crook. Truth be told, the conventional model has a dismal track record of success, which is why many cancer patients go to Dr. Burzynski in the first place.

In fact, cancer patients are only allowed to see Dr. Burzynski after they have already tried chemotherapy and radiation, a fact that Szabo conveniently omits from her deceptive diatribe. If cancer patients were allowed to see Dr. Burzynski immediately upon diagnosis, his clinic’s success rate would likely be far higher than it already is, which is significantly higher than that of the conventional system.

Dr. Burzynski was forced to see his patients as part of an ongoing clinical trial

Szabo repeatedly harps on Dr. Burzynski for enrolling his patients as part of an ongoing clinical trial, insinuating that he established some kind of corrupt relationship with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in order to practice. But the truth is that Dr. Burzynski was forced by the FDA to operate in this manner.

Whether due to embedded corruption or a simple lack of cognitive acuity, Szabo ignores the fact that the FDA has never actually supported Dr. Burzynski’s work. The agency actually raided his offices and stole his clinical trial data, leaving him unable to publish his work, something that his critics constantly accuse him of intentionally withholding from the public.

To learn more about Dr. Burzynski, check out this interview with Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, as it appeared on Infowars Nightly News back in 2011:

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