Woman Touted As Obamacare Success Story Is Now Kicked Off Obamacare (CNN Video)

Woman Touted as Obamacare Success Story is Now Kicked Off Obamacare (Liberty Blitzkrieg, Nov 20, 2013):

Meet Jessica Sanford. Upon the rollout of Obamacare she was 1 of maybe 5 people in the entire nation who was able to access the website and actually sign up through one of the state exchanges. In her case, it was the Washington exchange. She was so thrilled about her purchase that she wrote a letter to President Barrack Obama expressing her undying gratitude. Since her letter was quite possibly the only positive letter the Administration received, Barry O proudly read it aloud during his Obamacare speech on October 21st.

The only problem is that a few days later she was repriced out of Obamacare. So she’s now uninsured again…

The ineptness of this President is truly unprecedented. See below:

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