Total Healthcare ‘Enrollment’ As A Result Of Obamacare: -3.9 Million

Total Healthcare “Enrollment” As A Result Of Obamacare: -3.9 Million (ZeroHedge, Nov 15, 2013):

“We fumbled the rollout on this health-care law,” could be President Obama’s understatement of the century. In the month-or-so since Obamacare was unleashed 106,185 people enrolled (based on a loose re-definition by the White House). However, in that same period, the WSJ reportsa stunning 4.02 million people received policy cancellations. So, in a month, a total of 3,918,205 fewer people are now ‘enrolled’ in a heathcare plan than before Obamacare. So far, California, Florida, and Washington are suffering the most under Obamacare…

And here’s the states where the coverage cancellations are the greatest…

and the additions and cancellations broken down by state…

Source: WSJ

1 thought on “Total Healthcare ‘Enrollment’ As A Result Of Obamacare: -3.9 Million”

  1. A week ago, it was only a few thousand……..looks like people are responding. It is going to be law starting in 45 days……..I am glad the pre-existing condition has been stopped. Had I been able to get care 15 years ago for my spine, I might not be facing death now.
    I wish it had been single payer instead of a fixed deal to enrich the richest corporations in the world……insurance companies. Before the FED decided to let the people underwrite wall street gambling, insurance companies funded many banks……they are rolling in money already.
    This corrupt congress, court and executive branch serve the corporations, not the people.


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