West Coast Sea Stars Mysteriously Dying Off (KING 5 News Video): ‘Why Scientists Are So Concerned About The Rapidly Spreading Disease’

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West Coast sea stars mysteriously dying off (KING 5 News, Oct 31, 2013):


The mysterious die-off of West Coast sea stars is spreading. The so-called “melting stars” were first noticed in Vancouver, then in Seattle and now in California. Why scientists are so concerned about the rapidly spreading disease.

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1 thought on “West Coast Sea Stars Mysteriously Dying Off (KING 5 News Video): ‘Why Scientists Are So Concerned About The Rapidly Spreading Disease’”

  1. As you already know, Infinite Unknown, the source of the death of these creatures is pretty obvious……..the radiation poisons from Japan. The way the world governments have sat by mutely while Japan has done nothing may well cause our species to become extinct.
    I guess that is no big deal when you consider 98% of all species that ever inhabited the earth are no longer here. Living 12 years in a coastal rain forest in Northern CA taught me a great deal; how small our species is compared to the world we see around us. In a forest, the planet is alive and pulsing with activities of birds, plants, animals, waterfalls, and so much more, it would take an hour to list them. We are so tiny in the scheme of things.
    Outside my house lived a thousand year old fir tree, it was so large, it would take some people to put their arms around it, so tall, I had to walk quite a distance to see the top of it. The tree specialist told me it was unusual to see this type of tree live so long, and be so healthy, but this one was………..I watered it all the years I lived there. We found petrified wood under my house……..
    In the cities, people lose track of the planet, instead, concrete is everywhere, and folks think they run things…..we don’t.
    I lived but a few miles from the Pacific Ocean, and it is heartbreaking to see the ruin Japan’s nuclear disaster is costing all of us. Much of our oxygen comes from the ocean, and with a dead sea, there will be no oxygen, either. Only a few scientists are brave enough to speak up about it, but we are in grave danger. What do our news broadcasts cover? Junk. Nothing to do with the real news.
    Keep up the good work.
    Thanks for all you do.


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