Nude Body Scan Social Experiment Prank (Explicit Language) (Video)

YouTube Added: 27.10.2013


Please help SHARE this prank & social expirement! This full body scanning prank and practical joke is based on a sad reality. We used a mobile scanner from to see how far we can take this trick on victims who were simply trying to do some shopping. SUBSCRIBE! #nudebodyscan #youhavenorights

We set up this prank downtown San Luis Obispo with a real body wand, hidden microphones and cameras. The goal was to see how far we could take this scanning and if people would let us! To our surprise, most people didn’t put up much of a fight and went along with the person ahead of them in line… which was our plant that we actual scanned again and again. People along the sidelines were freaking out as well and not sure how to intervene. Of course, once the gag was pushed to the limit, we all let the customer know it was a prank and and it was all love, hugs, high fives and laughs! 100% loved to be involved… but it does make you think!

NO! The last guy in the outtakes was NOT A PLANT. He was certainly a funny character who popped up on the radar that afternoon for sure. “Isn’t America free?” Awesome.

This prank was created by magician RIch Ferguson. For more information, visit or
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Big thanks to Coming Attractions for allowing us to borrow a model to shoot this prank over and over on people. From San Francisco to Santa Barbara, Coming Attractions provides strippers, pole dancers, bartenders, cocktail servers, card dealers, burlesque dancers, hula dancers and more! Tell them we sent you!…

So, how far would you let body scanning go? What would you do if you were stopped and scanned in such a way that allows you to essentially be nude to the viewer(s)? Does it make us all safer?

Here’s a great article on this prank video:…


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