Obama To Call Healthcare Website Glitches ‘Unacceptable’ As Fix Sought

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Obama to call healthcare website glitches ‘unacceptable’ as fix sought (Reuters, Oct 20, 2013):

President Barack Obama will declare the glitches in a new healthcare website “unacceptable” on Monday and outline ways for consumers to sign up for insurance while his team scrambles to fix problems that have tainted the rollout of his signature healthcare law.

Fresh from two weeks of budget battles that have consumed Washington, Obama will hold an event at 11:25 a.m. (1525 GMT) in the White House Rose Garden with consumers, small business owners, and pharmacists who have been affected by the new law.

The move is the highest-profile step in a broad damage control effort that the administration has launched since technical problems with the website, healthcare.gov, have prevented Americans nationwide from signing up for a program that will largely define Obama’s domestic policy legacy.

“The president will directly address the technical problems with HealthCare.gov – troubles that he and his team find unacceptable – and discuss the actions he has pushed for to make it easier for consumers to comparison shop and enroll for insurance while work continues around the clock to improve the website,” a White House official said on Sunday.

The president will say the product itself and the goal behind it – insuring millions of uninsured Americans – are good despite the problems that have plagued its rollout.

1 thought on “Obama To Call Healthcare Website Glitches ‘Unacceptable’ As Fix Sought”

  1. We have so many real problems, such as this site often covers…..Fukushima, the destruction of our food chain thanks to the Japanese…..the endless money mongering wars to enrich the greedy guts at our expense……the list is endless.
    I have worked as a contractor for many large corporations….and every time a new IT system was set up, it took some time to get it running smoothly. As an old friend of mine in the computer science world once said, “It takes at least a month to tame a new computer system.”
    I am so tired of the endless moaning and complaining about irrelevant issues. They breed these nonsensical stories and make them headline news on the corporate owned 24/7 US media.
    I cannot abide US media, their 24/7 cable news that isn’t literally turns my stomach. My background is in history with an emphasis on the art and science of propaganda, and I find their so-called issues insulting. If you turn it on tonight, this will probably be the headline story.
    What about not being able to transfer money out of the US after November 17th? Not one word in US media.
    What about less than 50% of the world economy now use the US dollar?
    There are so many important stories, yet, they will focus on this one…….Obama finds normal computer glitches unacceptable……..ugh.


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