Study: Chemotherapy Actually Increases Cancer Growth, Cancer Cells Becoming Resistant To Treatment

Chemotherapy actually increases cancer growth, cancer cells becoming resistant to treatment: Study (Natural News, Oct 18, 2013):

The cancer treatment scam that is chemotherapy has once again been shown in the scientific literature to be a major cause of, rather than a cure for, cancer. According to a new study recently published in the peer-reviewed journal Nature, chemotherapy not only promotes the growth and spread of cancer cells by damaging the healthy tissue that surrounds tumors, but it also causes cancer cells to develop full-on resistance to the popular treatment, morphing them into “super” cancer cells.

Researchers from the Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington, learned this after observing the effects of chemotherapy on healthy cell tissue. What they found is something that we here at NaturalNews have been saying for years, but that the medical system as a whole is only just now waking up to — chemotherapy, which is a recognized poison, damages the DNA of healthy, non-cancerous cells, causing them to produce molecules that in turn produce more cancer cells.

It does not take a rocket scientist to make this deduction, of course, as simple common sense dictates that blasting healthy cells along with unhealthy cells is going to cause damage to all of the cells. But this is apparently big news up in the Northwest, where scientists are apparently baffled as to how this can be. And we are not talking about minor damage here — according to the figures, major damage to healthy cells occurs as a result of routine chemotherapy treatments.

“[T]he researchers found that chemotherapy can cause fibroblasts (cell DNA) to increase production of a molecule called WNT16B by 30-fold in tissues surrounding a tumor,” explains the group Cancer Research U.K. in a recent report on the study. “This then helps cancer cells to grow, invade neighboring cells and resist chemotherapy,” it adds.

‘Super’ cancer cells caused by chemotherapy more deadly than ever

As if this is not bad enough, the same team found that another major side effect of chemotherapy is cancer cells grow more virulent than they were before the treatment. Like “superbugs” and “superweeds,” which we now know developed resistance in response to conventional drug therapies and chemical sprayings, respectively, these “super” cancer cells no longer respond even to the most aggressive forms of chemotherapy, which means cancer itself is becoming more deadly.

“These results delineate a mechanism by which genotoxic therapies given in a cyclical manner can enhance subsequent treatment resistance through cell nonautonomous effects that are contributed by the tumor microenvironment,” explains the study abstract.

You can read the fully study abstract here:

Not surprisingly, at least one doctor heavily vested in the cancer industry has already come out to call not for an end to chemotherapy but rather for the development of new treatments that might alter the body’s natural resistance mechanisms to better accommodate the toxic effects of chemotherapy. This is how the conventional medical system operates, of course — simply add new drugs into the mix to cover up the side effects of other drugs, and lather, rinse, repeat.

“Most cancer patients in this country die of chemotherapy,” explains Dr. Allen Levin, M.D., from the University of California, San Francisco, in his book, The Healing of Cancer. “Chemotherapy does not eliminate breast, colon, or lung cancers. This fact has been documented for over a decade, yet doctors still use chemotherapy for these tumors.”

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2 thoughts on “Study: Chemotherapy Actually Increases Cancer Growth, Cancer Cells Becoming Resistant To Treatment”

  1. It doesn’t surprise me. Cancer is one of nature’s way of helping people to die when their time comes close. Heart attacks used to do the job, but now, they fix a lot with surgery and drugs.
    My father had a heart attack at age 83. They slapped a pacemaker into him. Until then, he was sharp as a tack, very involved in living. After the surgery, his memory started to go, and the next four years turned into a living hell as he developed other illnesses to do the same thing the heart disease was doing, and he finally died at 87. Had they left him alone, he might not have lived 87 years, but the 83 years had been good quality, the next four sucked.
    Now, they are trying to eliminate cancer. I have cancer of the spine, and will soon be gone. I refused their poison care……..I will go when nature calls me. I am not going to spend any of my remaining time in the hands of the medicine men.
    Also, bone cancer is not curable, so that also keeps them off my back. Radiation on the spine would be insanity, the spine is our transmission, and destroying it would make it impossible for me to do anything, so that is out.
    Man has been playing God for too long. Just like the anti-flea ointments we used to put on our pets, they no longer work, either.
    I know my viewpoint is different than many. My soul mate had cancer and refused treatment for a bunch of reasons. I was very angry with him, but once he died, I understood. Going his own way was always important, and he was going places, seeing people until the last three days of his life. He kept his freedom until the end……I will do the same.

  2. Apparently everyone has cancer cells or pre-cancerous cells in their physique and also the body’s immune system disposes of these naturally. It’s only when the immune system is down that the physique is unable to fight and dispose of those cells that they begin to multiply to a detectable level.The malignant cells won’t show up in tests till they’ve multiplied to a number of billion and when a physician tells a patient that they no longer have cancer, it just indicates that they’ve gone back down to beneath the degree of detection. It’s for this same reason that, when carrying out surgery, doctors often discover more cancer than they anticipated from what was noticed on Xrays and MRIs – simply because there were cancer cells in other areas of the physique that were nonetheless beneath the detectable rate.


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