Nuclear Engineer: So Many Different Ways To Destabilize Fukushima Reactor Buildings And Melted Cores – Japan Academic: Facilities At Plant Very Unstable, Unit 4 Fuel Rods Very Vulnerable

Nuclear Engineer: So many different ways to destabilize Fukushima reactor buildings and melted cores, hard to predict exactly which one — Japan Academic: Facilities at plant very unstable, Unit 4 fuel rods very vulnerable (VIDEOS) (ENENews, Oct 12, 2013):

Chris Harris, former licensed Senior Reactor Operator and engineer, Oct. 10, 2013 (at 37:35 in): It’s a very complex issue, because I’ve been doing a failure analysis on almost every aspect of Fukushima since it occurred. I’ve got files and files of it and that’s why I can look at some of the ones that are trending the way they’re going, and certainly there’s so many different ways to destabilize the structures, and so many different ways to destabilize the core as it is right now. It’d be hard to predict exactly which one is going to get you.

Interview with Harris here

Akira Kawasaki, Lecturer at Keisen University Graduate School, Jan. 16, 2013 (at 2:45 in): The facilities of the nuclear power plants are still in a very unstable situation. For example, Reactor No. 4, which is heavily damaged, has spent fuel rods in a very vulnerable situation. If any big aftershock of earthquake or any other natural disaster such as a typhoon or tsunami takes place, then another round of release of radioactive materials would take place. So it’s very important to understand that even though almost 2 years have passed since the earthquake, the disaster itself is still on going.

Watch Kawasaki’s presentation here

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