1 thought on “Family NOT Allowed To See Body Or Daughter Of Young Mother Killed By DC Police (CBC News Video)”

  1. I tried posting, and your system said I write too quickly, so it was lost. This is the third time that has happened over the past two weeks.
    The UK Guardian is covering the story, as limited as it is.
    In my opinion, shooting an unarmed woman in front of her year old child is an awful deed, not one to be cheered by the US congress, as this was. They hid their fat asses inside the buildings, while the public was kept outside. So, from the safety of the buildings, they cheered the police for killing this unarmed woman in front of her child.
    They ought to be fired for the fact they don’t work. If I had a job, and didn’t work, I would lose my job without ceremony……so should they.
    The secrecy around this story should tell everyone a public hearing in front of a public forum for the police person who shot her is essential. Allowing police to slaughter people at will isn’t healthy for a so-called open society.
    That poor child will have this horror in memory for the remainder of his/her life. US media I am sure isn’t covering it.
    Many UK people commented this is why their police don’t have guns. If we had a society like the UK, where guns were not readily available, perhaps that would work. Unfortunately, too many people have guns in the US, and that would not work here.
    As usual, the UK Guardian covers the stories instead of US news. US news is pathetic, full of lies and obfuscation.
    Thanks for covering what you could find.


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