4 thoughts on “Fourth Donation In 2013!”

  1. Remember the story that came out a few days ago on the Guardian about US nuclear officer being fired for gambling? Appears the story is running deeper……..a second official has just bitten the dust, and it has to do with counterfeiting gambling chips……not just gambling. This denotes a deep running corruption in our military that deserves some attention. This story was ignored by US media (of course)…….it is far more important than the initial story.
    This is very dangerous for all.

  2. Lots of news out today. CNN was going to do a movie on Mrs. Clinton’s life, they have scrapped the plan……the propaganda kings have spoken. No truth is to be revealed about the most corrupt couple to enter the political stage in Washington DC in modern history.
    I will never forgive her husband for signing away all the banking regulations that kept the US a strong and stable place to invest. Also, NAFTA, which has turned the US into a third world country with that mad globalization plan.
    They did more damage to the US than anyone up to that time. Since then, it has turned into a nightmare.
    Here is the link…..thought you would find it interesting.


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