New Updated Fukushima Report (PDF)

H/t reader SQUODGY:

“I have monitored this constantly. It is yet another example of a cover up whereby both the stupid Japanese Gov & the incompetent Power Company have now joined up to admit they haven’t a clue what to do and from all the evidence available (see the disaster has manifested into Armageddon with two reactors in meltdown with the cores somewhere unknown, one reactor totally vapourised and the dismantled one’s rod pool about to collapse with the biggest dirty bomb ever.

Worldwide media have downgraded it to well below even the BP oil spill. Then again, seeing as the Mainstream Media is jew owned, and as Jim Stone concludes (with good reason) that israel did Fukushima, in retaliation for Japan offering to re-process Iran’s spent rods, it adds up the Mainstream don’t publish it. We can really just hope that Fukushima’s alter ego China Syndrome is israel itself

An iodine 131 cloud landed in France last week, but, as usual, everyone was told not to worry as its strength would be weakened by travel. In Japan the ‘safe’ levels of radiation have been adjusted upwards by 200%, and I believe the same now applies in US, the first port of call for anything sinister. Kids in Japan are suffering from Thyroid issues, the whereabouts and condition of the FUKUSHIMA 50 sacrificial lambs is now secret, and immediately after the first wave, newborn babies in Philadelphia started dying. Milk from the pastures of the West Coast started showing high levels of Caesium 137.

All this is exactly as Doctor Helen Caldicott and Prof Chris Busby predicted, yet nothing was done.”



3/11 was Japan’s 9/11. It’s all documented folks! (Jim Stone)

I got hunted down by an American intelligence agency (Jim Stone, Sep 24, 2013)

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