Again: No Updates Possible Today … And Here Is Why

We were cyling downhill and were on the way to the farmers market to get some organic food.

People were mowing grass, which also covered the asphalt.

My intuition gave me a clear warning: I saw a picture of myself walking my bike through the mowed grass, but I did not listen.

Terrible mistake. And so I only slowed down, but not enough because my mind said it is just a little bit of grass and we were just on time.

These people left several stones at least as big as a fist covered with grass in the middle of the road.

My front wheel hit two of them at once and I started to fly and my bike with me.

My wife said what now happened looked pretty much professional (but not good enough to avoid tremendous pain):

I was scrolling on the asphalt at (high) speed (downhill), my bike was crashing into me but somehow I must have fended it off with my left hand.

Right elbow, and ribs suffered strong bruises.

Those people who saw this said that I was ‘very lucky’.

Well, I guess close to 30 years of martial arts training (‘fall breaking’) saved me from a lot of trouble.

I quickly was standing on two legs again, but I felt only one thing: enormous pain.

Acupuncture, neural therapie, homeopathy (Arnica C200) and ice(!!!) brought me through a day and a night of (severe) pain.

Now I still have my right arm in a sling with ice and still take Arnica C200 and do neural therapy (with my untrained left hand).

Luckily I had and still have the best care one could wish for here at home. (My wife.)

Right now my rips still hurt with every breath, my left hand, my hip and my back are also hurting.

Getting up from bed is still very difficult and so is lying down.

BUT my overall condition is much better now. My right arm is coming back to life, the swelling is getting less and less.

Compared to yesterday and last night I feel only ‘little pain’.

So that is the only reason why there were no updates yesterday and (most probably) also not today.

At least I am a good example what happens when you do NOT listen to your intuition.

From super fit to ‘super painful’ in one moment.

7 thoughts on “Again: No Updates Possible Today … And Here Is Why”

  1. Take care of yourself, make sure you allow your body to heal before typing on a computer again. Did you get an X-Ray to make sure you didn’t break a rib? If not, you should, a broken rib can do real damage to your insides.
    I am glad you have a good wife to help you.

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  3. Can’t understand why you didn’t go to the quack for some of those special addictive poisonous painkillers they dish out to help the good old globalpharma?
    Are you some kind of bigoted terrorist?
    Seriously, just rest. We loyal ones will still be here, as cynical and depressed as ever!

  4. Thank you for all your kind thoughts.

    I am pretty much sure that I was even able to feel them.

    I know how long it would normally take to recover from such injuries.

    Thankfully I am improving very fast.

    Yes squody, I am not taking big pharma’s painkillers … also to know exactly when my body tells me that I am doing some kind of wrong movement and you bet my body gave me a very detailed feedback.

    Still can’t use my right hand much, my ribs hurt when lying down and getting up, but everything is really getting a lot better fast.

    Nothing is broken, just bruises.

    After the very painful spots got better I now feel all the other minor injuries.

    If ever one of you has any kind of disease or health problem.

    Just let me know and I’ll let you know what I know that might help to improve or heal your condition.




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