The Result Of Five Years Of Hard Work By The Federal Reserve

Five Years Of Hard Work By The Federal Reserve (ZeroHedge, Sep 18, 2013):

“It’s Working…”

2 thoughts on “The Result Of Five Years Of Hard Work By The Federal Reserve”

  1. Over a trillion dollars a year added to the backs of the American worker in debt, regardless he gains nothing from any of that money. All that “electronically generated funding” goes directly to the same people who caused the crash so they can continue gambling on Wall Street.
    This explains why the market goes up when the real economy goes down… tells the greedy guts the free funding will continue.
    The fact the FED doesn’t dare taper tells me the economy is in deeper trouble than they dare admit.
    What will end it is when people start asking for their money in cash. The banks are already lobbying to force credit unions to become banks because those of us who moved our money to credit unions, using them instead of banks, is really starting to hurt them.
    Hurt them all, that is all I can say.
    Everyone, move to the credit unions. The greedy guts need some real cash to leverage upon……and that is vanishing. That is why they tied student loans to the mortgage rates, they intend to follow in the UK’s path, and package and sell student loans on Wall Street…..that is how desperate they are for real money.
    The FED can only give them “electronically generated funding”, they cannot print cash. Therein lies their weakness.
    It is time for the nation, (and the Eurozone, if they have credit unions) to abandon the banks.
    This has to be stopped. The FED should be abolished, and until yesterday, I didn’t fully realize the destruction they have wrought upon this economy for all time. Things will not get better until the TBTF banks are knocked over.


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