CBB News: World Terrified ‘Amateurish American Leadership’ Will Cause World War III (Video)



September 12, 2013 CBB News

1 thought on “CBB News: World Terrified ‘Amateurish American Leadership’ Will Cause World War III (Video)”

  1. It is from fools like these that dictators grow. Ineptitude gives the masses an appetite for someone who can make decisions………and that usually leads to something really bad.
    We have a congress that stopped working 25 years ago. They don’t do anything, and the nation is collapsing as they sit and do nothing of value, passing laws that provide nothing to anyone but their corporate masters. Our schools are broke, roads and bridges crumbling, real unemployment is at 90 million…..out of a nation of 330 million. Yet, nothing is done.
    They will spend billions on foreign wars to enrich their corporate masters and bankrupt our people.
    The president is also corporate owned.
    The US needs radical change if it is to survive.
    Since the voices of the people have been silenced, they can do little. Civil and voter rights are gone.
    What comes out of this formula of destruction?
    Destruction……and eventually a demigod rises up, and a dictator is born.
    The Age of Enlightenment is over, it has failed. We are entering a new Dark Age.
    Depressing, so very depressing. Can mankind never learn from his history?


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