Attempts To Stop Fukushima Contamination Flowing Into Pacific Ocean Have Failed

NHK: Attempts to stop Fukushima contamination flowing into ocean have failed — Japan Nuclear Expert: “Most likely flowing fairly quickly into sea” from nearby Reactor No. 2 (ENENews, Sep 11, 2013)

1 thought on “Attempts To Stop Fukushima Contamination Flowing Into Pacific Ocean Have Failed

  1. Of course. First, they don’t know what to do to stop it.
    The technology to control or stop it doesn’t exist.
    Why Japan allows one corporation to control 96% of its entire power grid is a question that ought to be addressed.
    In the meantime, it is poisoning the atmosphere, it has broken the food chain, and destroyed the ecological balance. It is in water, food, soil, air.
    I have a painting of my Great Grandfather who was a police judge in San Francisco in the 1880s, the painting is dated 1859, painted by a very famous painter in his early days. One of the ways they authenticate such a painting is to examine the paint. Before the atomic age, such paintings did not have radiation in them. Post 1945, after all the atomic poisons were unleashed on the world, it is in all paintings. That is now one way they authenticate original paintings.
    Now, I would hate to imagine how much of that poison is in today’s paintings. It may well wipe us off the face of the earth. 98% of all species that have ever existed are now extinct. Are we joining them?
    Somehow, if they can ever find a way to rid the planet of this endless poison pouring into the atmosphere, all nations need to get together and make an agreement not to use anything they cannot stop from operating if necessary.
    Probably too little too late at this point.

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