Syrian Electronic Army Hacks ‘’; Calls Them ‘Brothers’ In Arms And Obama A ‘Traitor’

Syrian Electronic Army Hacks “”; Calls Them “Brothers” In Arms (ZeroHedge, Sep 2, 2013):

Following President Obama’s decision to pass the blame buck to Congress (and its oh-so-great track record of making decisions), the Syrian Electronic Army has struck again. This time right at the heart of the matter – defacing the “” website. As The Independent reports, the US Marines received a message calling for support from their “brothers, the Syrian army soldiers” – in the form of a web attack changing the homepage of the official Marines recruitment site to a page entitled ““Hacked by SEA.” The message also stated, “Obama is a traitor who wants to put your lives in danger to rescue al-Qaida insurgents,” which seems to fit with many of their perspectives as we have noted previously.

Full text and screenshot below…

Full text:

“This is a message written by your brothers in the Syrian Army, who have been fighting al-Qaida for the last 3 years. We understand your patriotism and love for your country so please understand our love for ours. Obama is a traitor who wants to put your lives in danger to rescue al- Qaida insurgents.

Marines, please take a look at what your comrades think about Obama’s alliance with al-Qaida against Syria. Your officer in charge probably has no qualms about sending you to die against soldiers just like you, fighting a vile common enemy. The Syrian army should be your ally not your enemy.

Refuse your orders and concentrate on the real reason every soldier joins their military, to defend their homeland. You’re more than welcome to fight alongside our army rather than against it.

Your brothers, the Syrian army soldiers. A message delivered by the SEA”

This will not be the last of the SEA though, as the BBC interviewed the hackers (via email) and a spokesman said the SEA had “many surprises” to come. He added: “Military intervention in Syria has many consequences and will affect the whole world. Our main mission is to spread truth about Syria and what is really happening.”

2 thoughts on “Syrian Electronic Army Hacks ‘’; Calls Them ‘Brothers’ In Arms And Obama A ‘Traitor’”

  1. Interesting question, and until this happened with Syria, I would have shrugged my shoulders in contempt…..and said, what an absurd statement. But, if he insists on a war nobody wants that helps the same people the US has wasted trillions on defeating………..I don’t know what to say any more.

    I am only one of many who voted for peace and got war, voted for truth and got lies, voted for restoration of our dignity and got more of the same. Voted for restoration of habeas corpus and all our civil rights and received NDAA.

    Never in my lifetime did I see a candidate for president who was swept to power with a larger, greater mandate take it all, and chuck it into the sewer of status quo. What a great disappointment, not just to Americans, but, to the world.

    Seeing such a story is sad enough, but realizing it could be true is a thousand times worse. I sure hope not. What has happened to this nation? In fifty years, we have gone from the most credible to the worst. This nation has been hijacked, the coup of 2000 was the beginning. Now, 13 years later, we are about finished. Everything we ever stood for is gone.
    What a sad commentary, a conclusion of despair.


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