New Jersey Nuclear Plant Shutdown After 4,800 Gallons Leak In Containment Building

NJ nuclear plant shuts down after leak in containment building; 4,800 gallons spilled (The Republic, Aug 23, 2013):

LOWER ALLOWAYS CREEK TOWNSHIP, New Jersey — Workers have shut down a nuclear reactor in southern New Jersey after a leak was detected in the containment building.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission says Salem Unit 1 in Lower Alloways Creek Township was shut down after slightly radioactive water was discovered leaking at a rate of four gallons a minute Thursday.

The initial investigation determined the leak came from a pressurizer spray valve used in the reactor coolant system.

PSEG Nuclear said Friday that about 4,800 gallons leaked and that the water went through the plant drain system as designed. The entire system holds 90,000 gallons.

Regulators say the spill was confined to the plant’s containment building and there was no threat to the public or workers.

The utility says the reactor will be returned to service this weekend.

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